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December 21, 2010

Mav Tuesday: New Weight Issues

I had to do a Mav update due to visiting the Vet last night and the need for prayers...

Warning: This is a dog post. Poop, pee, vomit and other nasty things will be discussed.

In true Maverick form this past week has brought another crazy issue...

Never did I ever imagine Mav would be a difficult dog. I don't know if I necessarily pictured us frolicking through meadows or anything like that...

But I never pictured all of the Vet techs knowing us by sight. They do.

So, Maverick has been on 3 different foods since he has come to us. I was concerned about the Purina Puppy Chow being not as good as other foods that were out there. The issues with all of the fillers and unnatural ingredients... So when we went to the vet for the first time they gave us a bag of Science Diet. I decided it sounded O.K., so we started mixing them together for the mandatory 14 days before completely switching him over. All of a sudden his stools became kinda loose... Not dirreah loose, but not solid poopie. I worried but he continued to act peppy, spunky and normal, so I just thought it was something that would pass...

Then he lost a little weight. Not a whole lot but anything lost weight wise on him is noticeable. At the vet he was 6lbs 2oz. a good weight for his size... But after losing a little of that weight I decided to find a food that was more natural and possibly better for him than the Science Diet... I started doing research online about food brands and meal ideas and was steered toward Blue Buffalo. I thought it was worth a try with all the natural ingredients. So we started the switch.

That was about a week and a half ago... He's lost more weight. My family was concerned. I was concerned. Jake was trying to not upset me by being concerned...

I called the vet and thinking that because it had been 3 weeks since his booster shots that I should call and see what they would think about the situation... They had me schedule an appointment... I got in Monday night, like always.

Mav had lost 1lb... He weighed 5lbs 2oz. That's a lot of weight for a toy breed to loose. So the vet let Mav try a high calorie canned food to check his appetite. It was perfect. so we got sent home with 7 cans of that, a multi-vitamin and a tube to grab a stool sample for them...

Mav pooped within 5 minutes of being home. Sweet, one thing done. I drove the 3 minutes to the vet and dropped the stool sample off. One thing down. It's being sent for testing. we'll hear back in 2-3 days.

In the mean time Mav is going to be eating like a king. 1/2 a can of A.D. food twice a day. We have to weigh him in again an 10-14 days. If he hasn't gained the weight or he has gotten worse int hat time period it's not going to be pretty. But Dr. B didn't want to go into panic mode until we see if he can gain the weight.

OH. Get this. about 30 mins after being home I noticed Mav burping a lot while he was cuddling with Jake... I went upstairs to pee and all of a sudden Jake starts yelling for me... Mav threw up on him. I couldn't just cut things short mid pee so Jake was stripping when I got downstairs... Evidently I think dog vom smells like dog food... Jake thinks it smells like half digested nastiness... Whats the difference.

Anyway after both boys showering and Mav and I cuddling for a little Mav got up and ran upstairs. I thought he was going to poop... Nah, he decided to vom 2 more times in order to get the 2 small slices of hot dog out of his stomach that he swallowed whole... I had given them to him as a treat for peeing in his litter box.... He's not getting that as a treat anymore.

So the tired boy got more mom time before going to bed... he seems to be fine now and loved his new food for breakfast.

We'll see how this goes.

Prayers are needed that this is just an issue with a growth spurt and not anything more serious.

He was acting normal this morning...

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