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December 31, 2010

Day 29 – Hopes,Dreams, Plans for the Next 365 Days

I thought this was fitting with the end of the year.

So my dreams, hopes and all that jazz for the next year...

That Jake's unit's deployment, set for September 11th, was cancelled. Selfish, I know. But in reality, I don't care. No I don't want my husband to be gone for a year in a land far away. I want him as close to 100% safe. That means home. This way he wont miss the first year of all his nieces and nephews lives. Plus he wont miss a year of our life together...

That I will get parts in shows. I want this year to be one of change for me.

That I find an awesome job where the benefits are good, the pay is great and the experience is awesome.

For Jake to finish school and start applying to med school... Only then are we 'allowed' to get pregnant.

For the new puppy that we get to be perfect for us. For us to find an awesome name for it and for our cup to runneth over. healthy and happy. That's all we want.

For me to be able to get invisilign. My jaw is majorly small and I finally might be able to afford braces... So I'm hoping for this year to me the year I can do it.

For my friends to enter my life again. I want to be sure that I take the time to be a good friend. i miss my girls.

For TOB and I to reconnect. I wish I could get rid of this weirdness that I feel between the two of us.

To get settled into the apartment. I want to get rid of all the clutter. I want the apartment to be clean and nice and livable...

That's about it.

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