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December 28, 2010

Day 25 – Your Day, In Great Detail

This morning I was woken up by my phone at 5:45. I hit snooze.

At 5:50, I turned off my alarm and went to get in the shower. I contemplated brushing my teeth before getting in, then decided against. Jake could deal. I peed and watched as my cat drug his feathered toy into the bathroom. It's longer than him with the handle and I contemplated the meaning. did he want to play with it? Did he want me to play with him? Was it like a security blanket? Then I wondered if the underwear I had worn to bed were too small.... Too much info?

Shower time. I got in and heard the bathroom door open.

Yes, Jake and I shower together. No, we don't do the nasty while we shower. It's a weekday and we had to be out the door by 6:50. Plus it's not my fav. Too much info, again?

Jake got out first. He only has to use the Old Spice hair and body wash once. I chose to condition my hair twice. I got out and did my hair flop. It was a good day for it and while my hair wasn't making a loud squish sound while I was putting my gel in, my curls were forming really nicely. After flopping my hair, I got dressed. Undies and socks first. (It's cold.) I didn't want to wear anything difficult and contemplated wearing the same sweatshirt I had yesterday. I decided that while it would be comfy, I didn't have to go to those extremes... Even though I hadn't done laundry since before Mav was sick.

After getting dressed, I did my face. Not makeup, but moisturizer and all that jazz... then went down stairs. Jake was watching sport center on our new TV and asked me if I had brushed my teeth. I said no and continued to put on my boots. Then after deciding that I still don't care about professional football, I went upstairs and suffered through water/spit dripping down my arm while I used my electric tooth brush. I was int he bedroom putting away jewelery and refused to run that early int he morning.

After cleaning myself up I went downstairs and started getting my jacket on. We left the house at 6:55. Late.

Jake pulled the car around to the front of our apartment and made me get out and check to make sure the front door was locked. Then we held hands as we drove to pick up Big Sis.

We picked up Big Sis. drove through the neighborhood to get to campus and got a front row parking spot. We walked through the buildings, rather than outside for our 10 minute walk into work. I was more than half asleep throughout all of that and I don't remember anything of what we talked about... we did talk though.

We got inside the hospital and I kissed Jake and Big Sis and I walked to the dental building. I got to my desk and clocked in. i was relieved that I didn't see anyone in the hallway and started doing my makeup.

I checked my email, facebook and blogger then got to writing about Christmas Eve. And now I'm doing this post....

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