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November 25, 2010

Day 7: A picture that makes me happy

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Pictures for me are more of a capture of time than just pictures of people. And evidently I always take pictures of when I'm happy.

In this picture you get everything that means so much to me.

The presence of friends and family. A kiss that has yet to let me back down on my feet. church. My husband and the beginning of our own family. If Ezekiel could have been there it would have been an absolutely perfect moment. At this moment, I felt that all eyes were on me. (vein, I know. But I'm being honest) I felt unique and beautiful. My cup overflowith. I relished in the happiness I felt for what was taking place all around us.

I wish there was a picture that gave you some insight into me that you hadn't seen before... But this is my happy moment.

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