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October 18, 2010

Things That I Don't Believe In

Here is my list of things I don't believe in and why.

1. Leggings/tights as pants.
I don't care who you are... The risk for visible camel toe is too high.
2. Dog life jackets.
98.9% of dogs can swim..... Plus dogs are not accessories.
3. Tom Cruise... Isn't everyone with me on this one?
4. Sagging Pants
Gross. and NOT attractive. Leave a little mystery boys...
5. Polygamy
It's just not right... I'm appalled that there is going to be a show titled Sister Wives....
6. Kesha... Somebody get her drunk/doped up self to rehab and hopefully she'll never grace my ears, or eyes for that matter, again
7. Long Toe nails... or acrylic toe nails. Nasty.

8. The Jonas Brothers.... enough said.

9. Curly hair and straight bangs.
It never...EVER works.
If you want bangs. don't wear your natural curls...
Not attractive, or trendy.
Someone help these women.

10. Cropped t-shirts
Boys did it first, and better, in the 80's.
11. Shorts with the pockets sticking out
What happened, couldn't afford the rest of your pants?
12. Designer Logo Tennis Shoes
Who, honestly, needs shoes to literally match their bags? Whenever I see people in them I think to myself... What a waste of money.

13. women going bra-less in public
I just laugh


Mrs. G said...

I love this post. It made my day.

Nikki said...

Those toe nails made me throw up i nmy mouth a little


This post made me laugh! Def agree with the stuffs on the list,LOL