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October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for a few things that need some depth... OK or I just want to make you listen to my snobbish opinions.

I'm thankful for causes- I think everyone should have one. Whether it is wearing purple to support the struggle against bullying, or wearing the livestrong bracelet long after the fad was over because it meant more than just a fashion statement. My cause is a little closer to home and It's a personal cause. It's God. Corney, I know. But living a life for God and knowing that Jesus is the savior is truly something that matters to me. So give a little praise to your grilled cheesus and sing a little praise. That's what I'm talking about.

Instant meals - they're cheap and really easy for work... don't judge me.

I'm thankful for girlfriends - knowing that even though there is space, there is someone out there who really wishes the best for you. Someone who you can count to be in your corner who maybe you wouldn't normally think would be there. friends stay friends through think and thin... there is a underlying loyalty that always stays true.

PUPPY - when that word gets thrown around my brain turns to mush and I start verbalizing like a three year old.

Moving forward - Life throws some stumbling blocks out in your path. Getting the chance to pick yourself up again or even to catch yourself before a fall builds us up. The situations don't look very positive when your going through them... But in hindsight be thankful for your experiences.

The coming of the end of a phase - I fell it in the air. The feel of change. It's going to be riding on the coat tails of graduation.

The farty sound your hands make - Anyone else love annoying people around you by putting your hands together and making farting noises.... I'm sorry, I'm a girl right? (ignore this thankful thing... it's the immature in me)

"Ah-Ha" moments - enough said.

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