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October 15, 2010

My Hubs is Adorable...

In that 'sometimes your so crazy I want to shake you like a baby' kind of way. (N offense meant by that... I just want to tell you that I don't shake babies.... I can never hold them when they're little because I always want to squish them to myself for ever and ever and ever.... So don't be offended if I tell you that I'll pass on holding our newborn)

Jake had an interview at OSU on Wednesday.

Tuesday night he showed me all his special information that he wrote on a blue post it note. I was so proud and pretended to be interested while I watched my DVR of Glee...

P.s. Lea Michelle still needs to eat a Big Mac.... And she should probably re-evaluate her character choices because I completely agree with Mrs. G in the fact that she has gone from being kinda annoying and driven to a huge Bia with a bia complex.... And Lea is NOT Barbra Streisand... So stop giving her those songs... Just because her character is a Jew doesn't mean she has to sing all of Barb's songs and portray all of her nuances... Really Barb's actions while singing are so truly bizarre that ONLY Babs can get away doing them without look completely awkward and dumb........ Thank you.

I digress... Anyway.

So 'yay blue post-it', right?

Then Wednesday, as I'm walking from class I get a call from Hubs asking which shirt eh should wear... (Should have done this last night) I tell him. He hangs up... 3 seconds later he calls and asks where his magical blue post-it was...

Huh? last place I saw it was when he showed it to me. He's frantic... I'm just getting back to work so I start looking all his crap up.

BTW, University Hospital, get this, is the hospital.... He tried to argue that point with me... I won. He tried to tell me it was down town... yeah University Hospital East is downtown.. But nice try.

Then he thought the number that he remembered for the room he was supposed to go to was wrong. he had me look up the department of radiology... only the school comes up with that search.. So I told him to just call the guy from his unit who also had an interview that day...

Yes, I know I'm a genius.... OK OK so he's the one that thought of calling his buddy.... But I told him it was a genius idea.

So here I am trying to get him to his interview on time, running to meet him because he still wasn't quite sure where he was going from the parking garage that happens to be right across the street from my work building... When all of a sudden I get a phone call from him.

'Hey babe."
"Hi, where are you"
"Um, I think I know where I'm going now"
"Yeah? Where are you?"
"In the hospital by the elevators on the first floor"
"Are you kidding... I'm down on the ground level waiting for you... But yeah if you know where you're going go. I love you."
"Love you too."

Oy vey... The boy wears me out...

Needless to say he made it there 5 minutes early, because he's an army man. He did good enough that he got herded into doing background checks and stuff right then...

We're praying for good news because, hopefully, third times a charm.

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Nikki said...

FIngers crossed that he gets the job. Maybe the magic blue post it will do the trick.