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October 6, 2010

Dear Extended Family

I love you. I truly do.

But your wearin' me out! Please stop so that we can just exist like other families.

TOB. If your having difficulties you should reach out to those of us who want to bee there for you...

SIL... You're almost forgiven. But holding mistakes against people isn't cool.

Twin... Your brother misses you and wants to get that twin connection back that has been missing for so long. Just because your boys doesn't mean you should ignore talking about feelings. Jake is heartbroken that you never want to hang out, just the two of you. But he'll never tell you that because he thinks you wont care or it wont do him any good.

MIL... I love you and your stressed about getting married this Friday. Understandable. This is your day. Don't be afraid to make demands and to, after listening to others, say that your word is final... It's what being a bride is all about.

Soon-to-be Step FIL... You don't mince words. You are sensitive enough to care about others feelings while giving a set down... I love that.

FIL... We all just want you to be happy.

K. it's out of my system... Now you get to wonder about the drama that went down. It was crazy and totally stupid all at the same time. I said something about someone that just pushed someone over the edge. I was relieved that the pent up emotions finally came out.... But it didn't really accomplish much.

I'm more of a person who would rather tear open all the wounds and pour peroxide on it so it can heal faster... A good theory... But hard in execution.

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