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October 15, 2010

Aaah, To Relax.

Yep this happens to be my 2 weeks of complete relaxation without drama and just school to worry about.

Next weekend we will have Maverick here with us and all heck will break loose, I just know it.

MIL is on her honeymoon in the FL Keys (I wish I was there). Her and SFIL (step-father-in-law) should be home this weekend.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!. There was so much hope and security durring the ceremony I even forgot that I totally pooped on the song that MIL asked me to sing before the ceremony... (yeah 2 weeks of prep time doesn't equal me memorizing the words evidently) The solidarity of blending the families and havign Christ centered lives really spoke to people. Then the reception was FUN. I love dancing all night... and I especially love my new cowboy boots.

I'm pretty sure that everything with my loan and school fees is worked out. I had a moment of panic when I found out that my loan wouldn't be posted until the day after fees were really due. But calling the university and pleading my case, and the fact that I'm graduating this quarter, really helped me out. I'm excited.

So that's my poopie update.... But it's an update. I hope everyone has been behaving themselves.

love you , Loves

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