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October 22, 2010

I'd Like to Introduce You

To Maverick.
He's a seal and white Italian greyhound. The breeder says hes just a little shy, and that he likes to watch his sisters get riled up before he decides to join in... Sounds like another man in my life... Who very often let his twin get into things first before he decided it would be fun. This will either mean a little bit timid dog or a very clever one. I don't know which is worse.
He's 8 weeks old tomorrow.

And on his 8 weeks of life anniversary I am meeting his breeder at a farmer's market an hour and a half away.

Isn't he so stinking CUTE!!!???

Jake and I are so excited and nervous. We're hoping that everything works out great and that he'll be sweet, fun and loving.
Thanks for tuning in.

October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for a few things that need some depth... OK or I just want to make you listen to my snobbish opinions.

I'm thankful for causes- I think everyone should have one. Whether it is wearing purple to support the struggle against bullying, or wearing the livestrong bracelet long after the fad was over because it meant more than just a fashion statement. My cause is a little closer to home and It's a personal cause. It's God. Corney, I know. But living a life for God and knowing that Jesus is the savior is truly something that matters to me. So give a little praise to your grilled cheesus and sing a little praise. That's what I'm talking about.

Instant meals - they're cheap and really easy for work... don't judge me.

I'm thankful for girlfriends - knowing that even though there is space, there is someone out there who really wishes the best for you. Someone who you can count to be in your corner who maybe you wouldn't normally think would be there. friends stay friends through think and thin... there is a underlying loyalty that always stays true.

PUPPY - when that word gets thrown around my brain turns to mush and I start verbalizing like a three year old.

Moving forward - Life throws some stumbling blocks out in your path. Getting the chance to pick yourself up again or even to catch yourself before a fall builds us up. The situations don't look very positive when your going through them... But in hindsight be thankful for your experiences.

The coming of the end of a phase - I fell it in the air. The feel of change. It's going to be riding on the coat tails of graduation.

The farty sound your hands make - Anyone else love annoying people around you by putting your hands together and making farting noises.... I'm sorry, I'm a girl right? (ignore this thankful thing... it's the immature in me)

"Ah-Ha" moments - enough said.

October 18, 2010

Things That I Don't Believe In

Here is my list of things I don't believe in and why.

1. Leggings/tights as pants.
I don't care who you are... The risk for visible camel toe is too high.
2. Dog life jackets.
98.9% of dogs can swim..... Plus dogs are not accessories.
3. Tom Cruise... Isn't everyone with me on this one?
4. Sagging Pants
Gross. and NOT attractive. Leave a little mystery boys...
5. Polygamy
It's just not right... I'm appalled that there is going to be a show titled Sister Wives....
6. Kesha... Somebody get her drunk/doped up self to rehab and hopefully she'll never grace my ears, or eyes for that matter, again
7. Long Toe nails... or acrylic toe nails. Nasty.

8. The Jonas Brothers.... enough said.

9. Curly hair and straight bangs.
It never...EVER works.
If you want bangs. don't wear your natural curls...
Not attractive, or trendy.
Someone help these women.

10. Cropped t-shirts
Boys did it first, and better, in the 80's.
11. Shorts with the pockets sticking out
What happened, couldn't afford the rest of your pants?
12. Designer Logo Tennis Shoes
Who, honestly, needs shoes to literally match their bags? Whenever I see people in them I think to myself... What a waste of money.

13. women going bra-less in public
I just laugh

October 15, 2010

My Hubs is Adorable...

In that 'sometimes your so crazy I want to shake you like a baby' kind of way. (N offense meant by that... I just want to tell you that I don't shake babies.... I can never hold them when they're little because I always want to squish them to myself for ever and ever and ever.... So don't be offended if I tell you that I'll pass on holding our newborn)

Jake had an interview at OSU on Wednesday.

Tuesday night he showed me all his special information that he wrote on a blue post it note. I was so proud and pretended to be interested while I watched my DVR of Glee...

P.s. Lea Michelle still needs to eat a Big Mac.... And she should probably re-evaluate her character choices because I completely agree with Mrs. G in the fact that she has gone from being kinda annoying and driven to a huge Bia with a bia complex.... And Lea is NOT Barbra Streisand... So stop giving her those songs... Just because her character is a Jew doesn't mean she has to sing all of Barb's songs and portray all of her nuances... Really Barb's actions while singing are so truly bizarre that ONLY Babs can get away doing them without look completely awkward and dumb........ Thank you.

I digress... Anyway.

So 'yay blue post-it', right?

Then Wednesday, as I'm walking from class I get a call from Hubs asking which shirt eh should wear... (Should have done this last night) I tell him. He hangs up... 3 seconds later he calls and asks where his magical blue post-it was...

Huh? last place I saw it was when he showed it to me. He's frantic... I'm just getting back to work so I start looking all his crap up.

BTW, University Hospital, get this, is the hospital.... He tried to argue that point with me... I won. He tried to tell me it was down town... yeah University Hospital East is downtown.. But nice try.

Then he thought the number that he remembered for the room he was supposed to go to was wrong. he had me look up the department of radiology... only the school comes up with that search.. So I told him to just call the guy from his unit who also had an interview that day...

Yes, I know I'm a genius.... OK OK so he's the one that thought of calling his buddy.... But I told him it was a genius idea.

So here I am trying to get him to his interview on time, running to meet him because he still wasn't quite sure where he was going from the parking garage that happens to be right across the street from my work building... When all of a sudden I get a phone call from him.

'Hey babe."
"Hi, where are you"
"Um, I think I know where I'm going now"
"Yeah? Where are you?"
"In the hospital by the elevators on the first floor"
"Are you kidding... I'm down on the ground level waiting for you... But yeah if you know where you're going go. I love you."
"Love you too."

Oy vey... The boy wears me out...

Needless to say he made it there 5 minutes early, because he's an army man. He did good enough that he got herded into doing background checks and stuff right then...

We're praying for good news because, hopefully, third times a charm.

Aaah, To Relax.

Yep this happens to be my 2 weeks of complete relaxation without drama and just school to worry about.

Next weekend we will have Maverick here with us and all heck will break loose, I just know it.

MIL is on her honeymoon in the FL Keys (I wish I was there). Her and SFIL (step-father-in-law) should be home this weekend.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!. There was so much hope and security durring the ceremony I even forgot that I totally pooped on the song that MIL asked me to sing before the ceremony... (yeah 2 weeks of prep time doesn't equal me memorizing the words evidently) The solidarity of blending the families and havign Christ centered lives really spoke to people. Then the reception was FUN. I love dancing all night... and I especially love my new cowboy boots.

I'm pretty sure that everything with my loan and school fees is worked out. I had a moment of panic when I found out that my loan wouldn't be posted until the day after fees were really due. But calling the university and pleading my case, and the fact that I'm graduating this quarter, really helped me out. I'm excited.

So that's my poopie update.... But it's an update. I hope everyone has been behaving themselves.

love you , Loves

October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for

Books- I've read 6 in the past week... I love reading. It gives me 'me' time.
My husband- He's amazing and the most understanding man I know. He accepts me just the way that I am and isn't afraid to call me out on my bullpoopie.
Water- I actually like drinking water now.... If you would have told me that last year I would have laughed... Right in your face.
Toilets- It's an invention I think everyone should be thankful for every once in a while... I can't even imagine still having things like chamberpots, out houses, or something like the good old outdoors.... Ewwwwie.
Phones- Yep these too.
Classes getting cancelled- give me a hallelujah and an amen!!!
Weddings- they bring people together. mend hurts and just plain old make you feel good.
Family- same as above... Plus they have to love you.... It's in the job title.
Animals- If only I had the balls to go through vet school.....

October 6, 2010

Dear Extended Family

I love you. I truly do.

But your wearin' me out! Please stop so that we can just exist like other families.

TOB. If your having difficulties you should reach out to those of us who want to bee there for you...

SIL... You're almost forgiven. But holding mistakes against people isn't cool.

Twin... Your brother misses you and wants to get that twin connection back that has been missing for so long. Just because your boys doesn't mean you should ignore talking about feelings. Jake is heartbroken that you never want to hang out, just the two of you. But he'll never tell you that because he thinks you wont care or it wont do him any good.

MIL... I love you and your stressed about getting married this Friday. Understandable. This is your day. Don't be afraid to make demands and to, after listening to others, say that your word is final... It's what being a bride is all about.

Soon-to-be Step FIL... You don't mince words. You are sensitive enough to care about others feelings while giving a set down... I love that.

FIL... We all just want you to be happy.

K. it's out of my system... Now you get to wonder about the drama that went down. It was crazy and totally stupid all at the same time. I said something about someone that just pushed someone over the edge. I was relieved that the pent up emotions finally came out.... But it didn't really accomplish much.

I'm more of a person who would rather tear open all the wounds and pour peroxide on it so it can heal faster... A good theory... But hard in execution.

October 1, 2010

Tonight's Fun

Tonight I'm taking advantage of my free Comp. Tickets from my internship and seeing the first performance of the season.

Tonight is opening night of BalletMet's Requiem!!

"Discover what lies beyond the mysterious open door as Death and Man connect in a rhythmic dance of life. Birgit Scherzer's provocative, bold contemporary masterpiece transports you to a visionary picture of eternity. The power and emotion of Mozart's Mass for the Dead is undeniable and unrelenting."

I'm so excited to get to see this tonight with Big Sis. It's going to be amazing! Yay October!