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September 21, 2010

Tomorrow: The Beginning of The End

That's right. Tomorrow is the start of fall classes. I'm taking Intro to Fencing, Behavior Change in Sport, College Sport, Sport in Contemporary America, and Feild Experience Internship.

Fencing is going to be sweet. I'm actually totally stoked about getting to take it.

Behavior change is a 500 level class and considering I just took 3 600 level classes in 1 quarter I'm not too scared.

College Sport is a 400 level classs and I totally anticipate not caring or using a whole lot of info I've already gotten from all the other 90000 classes liek this one.

Sports in Contemp. America is a 200 level class......... Enough said.

My internship is the only one that I'll really have to stay on top of. I'm supposed to be thinking of my own project idea already, to implement within the company/administration. This is seperate from my class and I'm having a hard time thinking of things. The person before me made everyone's email signitures uniform.... Not ground breaking but helpful... Now I have to think of something like that. Joy. Any ideas?

The other thing that is going on is my application for my first student loan... I was so dissapointed in myself that I couldn't get through college without a school loan. I was so close. Now I feel really stupid going to the financial office with all of the incoming freshman and asking questions that everyone else seems to know... Too bad OSU wouldn't give me any information. So I had to go through our bank and get a private education loan... And I'm nervoud that it wont be here in time (by the 5th week of classes) and I'll get dropped and have to pay for this quarter and another quarter after....

I'm puting my worries in God's hands because Lord knows I have no control over the outcome. I'll still worry.... But not as much.....

So, anyone else have moments as an upper classman where they felt totally dumb when it came to school???

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J-Bird said...

All the time. I got public and private loans on top of grants, scholarships, and outright gifts and still ended up paying almost $100 per week out of pocket. It happens to the best of us.

For your internship, do you have an idea for which area you'd like to affect? That might help bring on more helpful suggestions.