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September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

This week I'm thankful for SO many things. My cup over-flowith.

Big Sis' Prego Announcement - I'm finally allowed to shout it from the roof top. She's PREGNANT! and I'm finally going to get to experience being an aunt from the very beginning. With J-Ja-Mungo, my brother's step son, I was only an aunt, officially, from year 2-3 and on. Knowing him since he was 6 months is really awesome and all.... But it's not the same. I've been craving planning a baby shower and buying crap-ola for a little one for quite some time... It's a good thing Big Sis is now able to cooperate.

GETTING A PUPPY - That's right, we got the green light!!! Our little boy pup will be home with us on October 23rd!!!
Now to think of names. Any suggestions?

MIL's Wedding - She finally decided on a date. No matter that It's only 23 days away..... OK so it's a little stressful. But she's beyond happy and so I'm happy for her and her soon-to-be hubs... Now if I could just convince her that we should just stay in our black dresses and cowboy boots the whole time and not change into jean skirts and white shirts for the reception... Oy Vey...

Bible Study - I love being back into bible study after this summer. I missed it. A lot.

Packed Lunches - It's been a while since I was able to buy fruit roll ups or gushers...

Sweaters - It's that time of year!!!!
How has your week been? Hopefully amazing!


Mrs. G said...

YAY!!!! I am so happy for you, being an AUNT and also getting a new fur baby!!!!

Mrs. G said...

P.S. I like the name Giovanni but calling him Gio. I like the Italian theme because he is going to be so sleek and sassy. I guess like italian things? Ok. Bye!

erin.patrice said...

DANG that was already on my list and jake veto'd it.... i wanted to karate chop him.