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September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: Back on Track and Things to Come

It's true. I'm feelin' it.

I'm SUPER thankful for:

  • The eye opening experience that these past 3 week were - I now know that I can live alone. While it's not ideal, it is possible. I have found out that I can clean with out anyone else to please or pick up after. Evidently a lot of the cleaning that went on in our place was for Jake. I didn't feel the normal necessity to pick my crap up while he was gone. It's a good thing. Jake being gone SUCKS.... big time. But it isn't the end of my world. I can function. And that is what matters.

  • Cars - I love having something of my own. I love driving it and knowing that it is mine and that I have to care and provide for it.... It doesn't have a name yet, and I don't know if it ever will... I am slightly weirded out by adults calling inanimate objects by a formal first name... I'm perfectly fine with 'you car' 'my car' and 'the car'. The only bad thing that comes with a car is that my mobility is feeding into my shopping addiction... I now know that if I wanted to I could drive off at any time without being an inconvenience to anyone and purchase little things here and there just for the heck of it... I've been pretending that I don't have a car just to counteract that urge.

  • Projects around the house - this alone kept me off the couch.... kinda.

  • Books - my sanity in times of boredom... just ask my co-workers who have had to deal with me and my insanity since I have forgotten a book 3 days in a row... I'm annoying myself at this point.

  • Good friends - the ones who are willing to just call out of no where and hang out. I love it. I'm a homebody otherwise.

  • Supportive people who don't really know you - this past week I was gathering a few signatures from our apt. community for people who wouldn't mind allowing small breed dogs. i got 6 signatures in 1 night! So I turned that in to my landlord. Hopefully the few signatures, the example pet agreements, and the personal letter explaining our situation will sway him to allow them. Please pray that he allows them! Also in similar news the breeder that I have been talking about has the second litter of puppies and in that wonderful litter is a seal and black boy pup! Jake said as long as the landlord allows it then we can go ahead and get him!!! Did I mention that some prayers would be nice? All you fur baby owners should understand the pure want I am experiencing right now...

  • JAKE COMING HOME TOMORROW - OK OK so it hasn't really happened yet. But I miss my husband so much it's insane. I'm a touch cookie and see this as training for BOTH of us. But it totally sucks.

  • Getting back into things - I'm getting back on the blogging roll. Hopefully some people are glad to hear about it...lol.