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September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So more info on the project idea.... I just want to impress people enought to think that I'm not a total waste of time. I've never been in a 'real' work place. My student job is pretty much just answering phones and logging work orders. The rest of the time I study and blog (obviousally). So I have no idea what a good idea for a work project is.

But now onto whats really on the schedule.

This week I'm thankful for:

*Bible Study- Man how I've missed sitting and listening to someone who knows so much more than I do empower and uplift those of us who are really seeking God at this time (and hopefully for all time). Beth Moore is amazing and so personable, even through video.

*Pop Tarts- Who said it's not the breakfast of champions? (and sometimes lunch and dinner. hey dont judge, we're poor college students..... OK, OK, so I'm just that lazy.)

*2nd Day Hair- 2nd day hair is, hands down, my best hair day.

*Classes Starting- Ok so there are a lot of nerves here too. I'm thankful that you dont get dropped from classes until the 5th week for non payment because it'll take my loan 7-10 business days to decide if we really qualift or not. Prayers would be awesome. But other than that I LOVE being able to raise my hand when professors ask who all is graduating this quarter. I can't wait to be done with all of this... Plus by boss is being a lifesaver and allowing me to contunie working here for 60-90 days. That gives me time to look within the college for a job. Outside of the college too... But inside would be a really good idea due to benefits. So yay for new binders, pens and silubi. real life here I come.

*Water Bottles- yeah I finally broke down and bought a really nice, dishwasher safe water bottle. it's from tupperwear and was only $8... It's lime green and I love it. Yay for saving the earth!

*Blogger Buddies- I love being able to read about your life and stay updated. I feel like I know all of you and share in your triumphs and sadness.... and indecision. hahaha. I love that you care enough to comment and read about my life. It's a blessing to have this kind of outlet in my life.

Goals for this week:
Go to the gym 2 times.
Drink 1 full bottle of water a day... (working up to 2-3).
make dinner 3 times (this does include pizza).
sell some MK to help pay for our puppy.

What are you thankful for this week?

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