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September 1, 2010

Quick Update on Life

Yeah I know that I was supposed to update more while school was out and Hubs was gone. Unfortunately I'm boring and while bored decided to start a million things around out casa to keep me busy. I doubt you want to hear all about how I went through all of Jake's old video and computer games, sorting and matching things until I gave up and straight up left them on the floor of our computer room... I'm going to put the ones away that I know he doesn't want any more to sell to someplace (or just throw them away).

So yeah. Other things that have happened.

Got a letter in the mail that Tricare has bumped us off our insurance plan because we didn't pay a payment that we never received a notice for, let alone a warning about... So my plans to go to various doctors went out the window. We appealed the action and Jake will be reapplying for Tricare when he gets back on Friday.

One of the 2 litters of pups came... and due to purchasing the VW, went... The deposit and thought of visiting the pup without Jake was a little much. BUT the 2nd litter came on Saturday and I can't wait to go and visit with Jake once he gets back. I have 6 signatures from people who wouldn't mind small breed dogs being allowed int eh apartment complex... I want a few more before I hand it over. Unfortunately rent is due before the 5th and I think Jake would kill me if it was turned in past the 2nd. So I might be able to get a few more signatures tonight... I just pray that the landlord is OK with the ideas I am presenting and will be quick in making a decision. I want to put a deposit on the pup when we (possibly) go visit this weekend... and I'd hate to put a deposit on the pup and have the guy say no and me be stuck paying a deposit and not getting a puppy. I don't necessarily know if I wouldn't get our deposit back or not... But I would just feel rotten....

plus I want this puppy so DAMN bad. Another year of waiting on top of the 4 I've already waited is just a lot.... Prayers would be awesome.

My car is great. I'm trying to pretend that I don't have it so that I don't spend money. I have a shopping problem where if I go I spend... So therefore, I can't go.

My internship training orientation is next Thursday! I can't wait!

I have to start looking for a job. I graduate in December (December 5th to be exact) and While it's nice that I'm allowed to work a whole quarter after I graduate, then another 60 days after that... It's not ideal.

I have to take a first aid and CPR class sometime this month to turn in so I can graduate... I wish someone would take it with me... but oh well...

So yeah. I'm at work and trying to upload wedding pictures onto a card for MIL for her digital picture frame... It's a little exhausting changing all the names so that the pictures go in order and don't mix with TOB's wedding pictures.

I have been waking up at 4:30-ish the past 2 nights. It's not fun.

Anyone else getting overwhelmed by life and underwhelmed by the process of life?

Congrats to all those Bloggers out there that are new parents!!! there are so many on my reading list and I am so happy for you all!!!

****Jake comes home on Friday!!!!!!! Yay for these past 3 weeks being almost done!

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