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September 15, 2010

I Can Finally Spill the Bean

My sister... My big sister.....


she is in week 9 or 10 right now and I'm loving that I can now talk about it. I'm still in that 'Oh I've kinda known so it's not as buzz worthy and we don't want to jinx it' zone. But I'm super excited.

Everyone has been putting bets in at work. Her office started it with the number of little nuggets in there.

Her ultrasound only showed 1 squishy nugget head. I'm teasing her by mentioning hidden babies as often as I can. She freaks out at the mention of twins, so it's pretty funny.

Now the bet is on the gender. I'm up in the air because it is no easy to call it a boy just because that is the natural inclination due to the generalization of 'his' and 'he' in normal life... i mean literature is getting better about saying the general 'their' or 's/he' but it's not quite there yet. So I feel like the default gender is male.... However, I have a feeling that it's a girl. It's confusing I know. I just really think that it's a little girl... It's a good thing I'm OK if I'm wrong.

Crystal mentioned a new test that is out there that can predict the gender as early as 6 weeks... Anyone heard of it? I'm skeptical about people claiming that it's 60% accurate due to the 50/50 chance that it could be right... I mean seriously....

Anyway. is that enough news for now???

I'm gonna be an Aunt!!!

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