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September 9, 2010

Day-Quil Anyone?

Today was my orientation day at BalletMet. I was excited and very well sanitized. My fear of contaminating others led to me smelling like lemons all day. I'm excited and nervous to start on Monday. I know things will go well due to my passion and understanding for performing arts... I'm just afraid people wont quite understand my quirks. Or that I'll totally bomb.

I feel like I've been run over. The cold has taken over my life not to mention my health.

Bible study starts tonight. I'm excited and scared. It's Beth Moore again and the topic is Revelations.... Those of you who don't know Episcopalians/Anglicans.... or whatever we like to be called... Revelations is a scary book. One where, as a generalisation of our community, we like to consider the book a bed time story or a fairy tale full of symbols and representations... Not quite factual occurrences that will happen... It isn't a book that is looked at in depth. we get verses for the 4 horsemen and get out, pretty much.... I'm going to consider myself a brave product of the fear and admit that, yes, I signed up for the bible study of my own free will... Yes I am prepping to have my mind blown... yes, I'm a little excited. My mother, on the other hand, is probably cringing just thinking about me picking her up to take her. Oh the joys of being the child. Muahahaha

In other news: The puppy breeder is up to date on the situation regarding our townhouse. She really seemed to like us and said multiple times that she wants us to have the puppy. (not 'have' obviously... but get) The drive past Athens, OH was a little much for my congested self and Jake was a trooper to drive both ways. Not to mention putting up with me wanting a tour of the farm. It was gorgeous with it's horses, mini pony's, Italian Greyhounds and Himalaya kitties. I felt at home and totally in the zone. Maybe I should have been a vet.........Nah. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to jinx anything.... (Man, check out the biblical topic followed by superstition. Awesome. Go me.)

Exciting news to come! Stay tuned in!!!

I'm so excited that my follower list is growing! Thank you for following, My Loves.

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