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September 30, 2010

I'm A Second Cousin-In-Law!

Yeah Jake's cousin and his girlfriend had a little girl this past weekend!

Welcome to the world Olivia Anne!!!! (Her initials are O.A.R..... Daddy's a big fan evidently.)

September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So more info on the project idea.... I just want to impress people enought to think that I'm not a total waste of time. I've never been in a 'real' work place. My student job is pretty much just answering phones and logging work orders. The rest of the time I study and blog (obviousally). So I have no idea what a good idea for a work project is.

But now onto whats really on the schedule.

This week I'm thankful for:

*Bible Study- Man how I've missed sitting and listening to someone who knows so much more than I do empower and uplift those of us who are really seeking God at this time (and hopefully for all time). Beth Moore is amazing and so personable, even through video.

*Pop Tarts- Who said it's not the breakfast of champions? (and sometimes lunch and dinner. hey dont judge, we're poor college students..... OK, OK, so I'm just that lazy.)

*2nd Day Hair- 2nd day hair is, hands down, my best hair day.

*Classes Starting- Ok so there are a lot of nerves here too. I'm thankful that you dont get dropped from classes until the 5th week for non payment because it'll take my loan 7-10 business days to decide if we really qualift or not. Prayers would be awesome. But other than that I LOVE being able to raise my hand when professors ask who all is graduating this quarter. I can't wait to be done with all of this... Plus by boss is being a lifesaver and allowing me to contunie working here for 60-90 days. That gives me time to look within the college for a job. Outside of the college too... But inside would be a really good idea due to benefits. So yay for new binders, pens and silubi. real life here I come.

*Water Bottles- yeah I finally broke down and bought a really nice, dishwasher safe water bottle. it's from tupperwear and was only $8... It's lime green and I love it. Yay for saving the earth!

*Blogger Buddies- I love being able to read about your life and stay updated. I feel like I know all of you and share in your triumphs and sadness.... and indecision. hahaha. I love that you care enough to comment and read about my life. It's a blessing to have this kind of outlet in my life.

Goals for this week:
Go to the gym 2 times.
Drink 1 full bottle of water a day... (working up to 2-3).
make dinner 3 times (this does include pizza).
sell some MK to help pay for our puppy.

What are you thankful for this week?

September 21, 2010

Tomorrow: The Beginning of The End

That's right. Tomorrow is the start of fall classes. I'm taking Intro to Fencing, Behavior Change in Sport, College Sport, Sport in Contemporary America, and Feild Experience Internship.

Fencing is going to be sweet. I'm actually totally stoked about getting to take it.

Behavior change is a 500 level class and considering I just took 3 600 level classes in 1 quarter I'm not too scared.

College Sport is a 400 level classs and I totally anticipate not caring or using a whole lot of info I've already gotten from all the other 90000 classes liek this one.

Sports in Contemp. America is a 200 level class......... Enough said.

My internship is the only one that I'll really have to stay on top of. I'm supposed to be thinking of my own project idea already, to implement within the company/administration. This is seperate from my class and I'm having a hard time thinking of things. The person before me made everyone's email signitures uniform.... Not ground breaking but helpful... Now I have to think of something like that. Joy. Any ideas?

The other thing that is going on is my application for my first student loan... I was so dissapointed in myself that I couldn't get through college without a school loan. I was so close. Now I feel really stupid going to the financial office with all of the incoming freshman and asking questions that everyone else seems to know... Too bad OSU wouldn't give me any information. So I had to go through our bank and get a private education loan... And I'm nervoud that it wont be here in time (by the 5th week of classes) and I'll get dropped and have to pay for this quarter and another quarter after....

I'm puting my worries in God's hands because Lord knows I have no control over the outcome. I'll still worry.... But not as much.....

So, anyone else have moments as an upper classman where they felt totally dumb when it came to school???

September 18, 2010

What's In A Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

But a dog needs a name.

So here are the options/ideas so far:


I'm open for suggestions....

September 17, 2010

The Wedding Process in FF

MIL is getting married in 22 days....

We're scrambling to get things in order. It's a community effort on this one.

So far this is what we have:
  • a date
  • a church
  • an officiant
  • a reception hall
  • groom and groomsmen outfits
  • bridesmaids shoes (you'll understand later)
  • DJ
  • Photographer
  • Catering (pretty sure it's city bbq)
  • Invites

We still need:
  • a cake
  • a wedding dress
  • bridesmaid outfits
  • centerpieces
  • tables and chairs
  • guest book

the dress and outfits are proving to be a little crazy. It's a fall/rural theme so we're trying to find pumpkins and things like that to use... It's just a tiny bit stressful....

But that's life!

September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

This week I'm thankful for SO many things. My cup over-flowith.

Big Sis' Prego Announcement - I'm finally allowed to shout it from the roof top. She's PREGNANT! and I'm finally going to get to experience being an aunt from the very beginning. With J-Ja-Mungo, my brother's step son, I was only an aunt, officially, from year 2-3 and on. Knowing him since he was 6 months is really awesome and all.... But it's not the same. I've been craving planning a baby shower and buying crap-ola for a little one for quite some time... It's a good thing Big Sis is now able to cooperate.

GETTING A PUPPY - That's right, we got the green light!!! Our little boy pup will be home with us on October 23rd!!!
Now to think of names. Any suggestions?

MIL's Wedding - She finally decided on a date. No matter that It's only 23 days away..... OK so it's a little stressful. But she's beyond happy and so I'm happy for her and her soon-to-be hubs... Now if I could just convince her that we should just stay in our black dresses and cowboy boots the whole time and not change into jean skirts and white shirts for the reception... Oy Vey...

Bible Study - I love being back into bible study after this summer. I missed it. A lot.

Packed Lunches - It's been a while since I was able to buy fruit roll ups or gushers...

Sweaters - It's that time of year!!!!
How has your week been? Hopefully amazing!

September 15, 2010

I Can Finally Spill the Bean

My sister... My big sister.....


she is in week 9 or 10 right now and I'm loving that I can now talk about it. I'm still in that 'Oh I've kinda known so it's not as buzz worthy and we don't want to jinx it' zone. But I'm super excited.

Everyone has been putting bets in at work. Her office started it with the number of little nuggets in there.

Her ultrasound only showed 1 squishy nugget head. I'm teasing her by mentioning hidden babies as often as I can. She freaks out at the mention of twins, so it's pretty funny.

Now the bet is on the gender. I'm up in the air because it is no easy to call it a boy just because that is the natural inclination due to the generalization of 'his' and 'he' in normal life... i mean literature is getting better about saying the general 'their' or 's/he' but it's not quite there yet. So I feel like the default gender is male.... However, I have a feeling that it's a girl. It's confusing I know. I just really think that it's a little girl... It's a good thing I'm OK if I'm wrong.

Crystal mentioned a new test that is out there that can predict the gender as early as 6 weeks... Anyone heard of it? I'm skeptical about people claiming that it's 60% accurate due to the 50/50 chance that it could be right... I mean seriously....

Anyway. is that enough news for now???

I'm gonna be an Aunt!!!

September 9, 2010

Day-Quil Anyone?

Today was my orientation day at BalletMet. I was excited and very well sanitized. My fear of contaminating others led to me smelling like lemons all day. I'm excited and nervous to start on Monday. I know things will go well due to my passion and understanding for performing arts... I'm just afraid people wont quite understand my quirks. Or that I'll totally bomb.

I feel like I've been run over. The cold has taken over my life not to mention my health.

Bible study starts tonight. I'm excited and scared. It's Beth Moore again and the topic is Revelations.... Those of you who don't know Episcopalians/Anglicans.... or whatever we like to be called... Revelations is a scary book. One where, as a generalisation of our community, we like to consider the book a bed time story or a fairy tale full of symbols and representations... Not quite factual occurrences that will happen... It isn't a book that is looked at in depth. we get verses for the 4 horsemen and get out, pretty much.... I'm going to consider myself a brave product of the fear and admit that, yes, I signed up for the bible study of my own free will... Yes I am prepping to have my mind blown... yes, I'm a little excited. My mother, on the other hand, is probably cringing just thinking about me picking her up to take her. Oh the joys of being the child. Muahahaha

In other news: The puppy breeder is up to date on the situation regarding our townhouse. She really seemed to like us and said multiple times that she wants us to have the puppy. (not 'have' obviously... but get) The drive past Athens, OH was a little much for my congested self and Jake was a trooper to drive both ways. Not to mention putting up with me wanting a tour of the farm. It was gorgeous with it's horses, mini pony's, Italian Greyhounds and Himalaya kitties. I felt at home and totally in the zone. Maybe I should have been a vet.........Nah. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to jinx anything.... (Man, check out the biblical topic followed by superstition. Awesome. Go me.)

Exciting news to come! Stay tuned in!!!

I'm so excited that my follower list is growing! Thank you for following, My Loves.

September 7, 2010



Jake's sleeping arrangement durring training was less than ideal. They placed his cot right next to the air conditioner. Needless to say he was blasted with 50* air every night for a while...

Kissing someone who has had a cold for the past 2 weeks was a bad idea.

I'm downing herbal fix-it teas like it's my job.

Along with decongestants and non-drowsey cold/flu stuff... (all that I know is they're orange)

I'm not feeling so hot....

But hopefully some news about the puppy situation this week will help things out... Prayers are still needed.

Jake's praying for me to be happy either way.

I know it wont be the end of my world if things dont work out... But I'm praying that the apartment owner has an open mind... and wants to make money off of all of us wanting little yippie dogs.

Mucho love, My Loves

September 4, 2010

MIL, Engaged?

Yeah! It's been a little while in posting about this but last Sunday we were told that Jake's mom was proposed to by her boyfriend!
We're all really exited and happy for them!

While they haven't been dating for that long, they have known each other for the past 25 years. I'd say that makes up for it.

It was only a tiny bit weird seeing them hold hands and cuddle after knowing them as separate couples only 5 years ago.

but they're happy. So we're all happy.

Congrats A & M!!!!!!!!

September 3, 2010


Yeah, Jake and I have, officially, experienced our first 'oops' in paying bills...

In June we received our monthly bill from Tricare and somehow it got misplaced. I can't cay it was necessarily my fault because the account is under Jake... and he has the password and all that jazz. I was also in rehearsals for the summer musical at the time...
*ahem, oh I'm sorry.... Yeah I'm pointing fingers here*

So June came and went.
July came and went.
The whole first half of August came and went right along with Jake leaving for annual training.

I went to pick up my prescription of birth control from the pharmacy and got smacked in the face by an $80 bill... For one month's fill of the Nuva ring. I mean HELLO, that's wrong. Needless to say I thought it was a fluke and I didn't pay for it. (I'm a pharmacist's nightmare) I left it there and told myself I would get this straightened out and pick it up later...

Suddenly, when I got home I open an envelope from tricare, thinking it was the bill for the month, and read a termination of services letter...

I freaked out.

This is health insurance we're talking about here...And Jake is, daily, walking around with a machine gun on base... I started imagining scenarios of him tripping and shooting himself, or others tripping... I called Tricare in desperation. They told me to appeal the 12 month lock out that is customary for failure to pay bill stuff... 12 MONTHS? Needless to say, I appealed that crap right away.

We won! OK not that I know if you actually win something like that but I feel like it's the lottery here. We have to re-apply.

Now Jake is about to come home and re-apply for Tricare (Army stuff). I'm nervous because there was no way I was going to pay $80 for birth control for a whole month when my husband was going to be gone for half of it... for $80 I should get about a years worth of the freaking stuff. And needless to say Jake and I have already been deprived of each other's company for three weeks (didn't I put that nicely?). Is anyone else catching on here?....

deprived - birth control = scary

What to do, what to do?.......

say some prayers, I guess.

September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: Back on Track and Things to Come

It's true. I'm feelin' it.

I'm SUPER thankful for:

  • The eye opening experience that these past 3 week were - I now know that I can live alone. While it's not ideal, it is possible. I have found out that I can clean with out anyone else to please or pick up after. Evidently a lot of the cleaning that went on in our place was for Jake. I didn't feel the normal necessity to pick my crap up while he was gone. It's a good thing. Jake being gone SUCKS.... big time. But it isn't the end of my world. I can function. And that is what matters.

  • Cars - I love having something of my own. I love driving it and knowing that it is mine and that I have to care and provide for it.... It doesn't have a name yet, and I don't know if it ever will... I am slightly weirded out by adults calling inanimate objects by a formal first name... I'm perfectly fine with 'you car' 'my car' and 'the car'. The only bad thing that comes with a car is that my mobility is feeding into my shopping addiction... I now know that if I wanted to I could drive off at any time without being an inconvenience to anyone and purchase little things here and there just for the heck of it... I've been pretending that I don't have a car just to counteract that urge.

  • Projects around the house - this alone kept me off the couch.... kinda.

  • Books - my sanity in times of boredom... just ask my co-workers who have had to deal with me and my insanity since I have forgotten a book 3 days in a row... I'm annoying myself at this point.

  • Good friends - the ones who are willing to just call out of no where and hang out. I love it. I'm a homebody otherwise.

  • Supportive people who don't really know you - this past week I was gathering a few signatures from our apt. community for people who wouldn't mind allowing small breed dogs. i got 6 signatures in 1 night! So I turned that in to my landlord. Hopefully the few signatures, the example pet agreements, and the personal letter explaining our situation will sway him to allow them. Please pray that he allows them! Also in similar news the breeder that I have been talking about has the second litter of puppies and in that wonderful litter is a seal and black boy pup! Jake said as long as the landlord allows it then we can go ahead and get him!!! Did I mention that some prayers would be nice? All you fur baby owners should understand the pure want I am experiencing right now...

  • JAKE COMING HOME TOMORROW - OK OK so it hasn't really happened yet. But I miss my husband so much it's insane. I'm a touch cookie and see this as training for BOTH of us. But it totally sucks.

  • Getting back into things - I'm getting back on the blogging roll. Hopefully some people are glad to hear about it...lol.

September 1, 2010

Quick Update on Life

Yeah I know that I was supposed to update more while school was out and Hubs was gone. Unfortunately I'm boring and while bored decided to start a million things around out casa to keep me busy. I doubt you want to hear all about how I went through all of Jake's old video and computer games, sorting and matching things until I gave up and straight up left them on the floor of our computer room... I'm going to put the ones away that I know he doesn't want any more to sell to someplace (or just throw them away).

So yeah. Other things that have happened.

Got a letter in the mail that Tricare has bumped us off our insurance plan because we didn't pay a payment that we never received a notice for, let alone a warning about... So my plans to go to various doctors went out the window. We appealed the action and Jake will be reapplying for Tricare when he gets back on Friday.

One of the 2 litters of pups came... and due to purchasing the VW, went... The deposit and thought of visiting the pup without Jake was a little much. BUT the 2nd litter came on Saturday and I can't wait to go and visit with Jake once he gets back. I have 6 signatures from people who wouldn't mind small breed dogs being allowed int eh apartment complex... I want a few more before I hand it over. Unfortunately rent is due before the 5th and I think Jake would kill me if it was turned in past the 2nd. So I might be able to get a few more signatures tonight... I just pray that the landlord is OK with the ideas I am presenting and will be quick in making a decision. I want to put a deposit on the pup when we (possibly) go visit this weekend... and I'd hate to put a deposit on the pup and have the guy say no and me be stuck paying a deposit and not getting a puppy. I don't necessarily know if I wouldn't get our deposit back or not... But I would just feel rotten....

plus I want this puppy so DAMN bad. Another year of waiting on top of the 4 I've already waited is just a lot.... Prayers would be awesome.

My car is great. I'm trying to pretend that I don't have it so that I don't spend money. I have a shopping problem where if I go I spend... So therefore, I can't go.

My internship training orientation is next Thursday! I can't wait!

I have to start looking for a job. I graduate in December (December 5th to be exact) and While it's nice that I'm allowed to work a whole quarter after I graduate, then another 60 days after that... It's not ideal.

I have to take a first aid and CPR class sometime this month to turn in so I can graduate... I wish someone would take it with me... but oh well...

So yeah. I'm at work and trying to upload wedding pictures onto a card for MIL for her digital picture frame... It's a little exhausting changing all the names so that the pictures go in order and don't mix with TOB's wedding pictures.

I have been waking up at 4:30-ish the past 2 nights. It's not fun.

Anyone else getting overwhelmed by life and underwhelmed by the process of life?

Congrats to all those Bloggers out there that are new parents!!! there are so many on my reading list and I am so happy for you all!!!

****Jake comes home on Friday!!!!!!! Yay for these past 3 weeks being almost done!