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August 9, 2010

What's Up With Me? What's Up With You?!

So since I've been a little MIA recently I'm going to give you recent developments and happenings in a very choppy and unorganized manner. You know you love me.

I haven't heard back from the Internship. I'm a little nervous but I have to calm down because the woman who interviewed me went on a 2 week vacation and was cool enough to interview me on her first day off... So I'm trying to be patient. I'm just so excited about just even the opportunity that I could die..... OK I'm being dramatic. But it's flipping awesome. Keep your fingers crossed please.

I've been car shopping enough to drive a person crazy in the past 3 weeks. Last week along I went car shopping almost every day... I was told by one of the salesmen that it's because the school season is coming up and everyone is looking for a car in the $5000 range.

I found a car. Hopefully. It hadn't been through the mechanic and detail department yet but I test drove it anyway, placed a deposit and I'm waiting for them to call me to tell me how much the repairs will be on top of the price. There were issues with the switching of gears (it was just a little slow and resistant to shift when it should have) and with a shaky steering wheel... Dad said it was an engine miss fire... Like I know what that means. He said it could be big or little. So here I am waiting for the call... Earlier today I checked online and it was on their website... I'm beginning to be a little sceptic... But then again the guy who I'm in contact with goes to my church.... So I don't know.... Ugh, I don't know.

Jake is leaving for AT (Army training... or at least that's my acronym for it) on Friday. he'll be allowed to come home every night for the first 4 night's at 7 pm. That's exciting to me. it's better than quitting him cold turkey for 3 weeks.

The breeder that I've been talking to has a litter due this week... I'm nervous because I have to go and meet the puppies by myself (maybe Big Sis will go along to help) because Jake will be at AT.

I also just called my landlady to ask her about our lease. When she calls me back tonight I'm going to tell her that we love the place and the community but that we are contemplating getting puppy from a 15lb breed. From there the worst she can say is 'no,' right? So who knows if she will agree or not.. I might mention that some of the other renters are thinking about getting a petition going for the no dog rule.... But that's only if I'm desperate. I really don't want to go through the trouble of moving... Our casa is in the perfect location and is only maybe a little too small...

I'm entertaining the idea of having someone move in with me if Jake deploys (I say if only because the Army is so dang unorganized at this point... so anything could happen) I might want to go it alone for the first month or so just to make sure that I really needed company. I'm thinking that I'd probably be pretty OK on my own... But who knows.

TOB and Twin lost their baby. Evidently TOB has been spotting heavily and started cramping a few weeks ago. She was rushed in for blood work and found out that the fetus had stopped growing at 5 weeks. Her body was trying to self abort. So she is in the final stages of that and is still in a lot of pain from the pill her doctor gave her to speed along the process. She had an idea of what was happening and was pretty realistic about it the whole time. Twin was/is pretty torn up about it. I am hurting for them, no matter how I felt about the poor timing, I was still excited for a little niece or nephew. Prayers for them would be really great.

I only have 2 weeks of classes left. This week and next week then it's finals. I'm going to be so relieved when these three classes are over.

So that's been me recently. I hope you've all been well.

Lots of papers to write and articles to read.

Bye Loves!

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