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August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Calculators. Without them I would be unable to do anything above simple addition... And I even struggle there. plus I'd have failed a lot of classes.

  • Makeup... even though it's useless in the repetitive 90* humid mess that Columbus has been this week. I'm still thankful for foundation and mascara... They're lifesavers... lemon flavor.

  • Options. So far finding a car has been a total bust. I'm thinking that for the three weeks that Jake is gone I will be minimally driving his stick shift (once I learn how to drive it) and getting a car afterward.... Scary I know. But things just aren't working out the way we hoped it would... I am starting to think that it's God's way of telling us to slow down and try some new approach. Or to get us to do something before we find the gem of a car we are supposed to get. It's all up to The Big Man upstairs. (but praying that we find me a car before I kill another car wouldn't hurt)

  • Family that tells it as it is. They are just what I need.

  • Hair that can take the humidity!!! That's right. the only issue that I'm having with my hair since I've started the CurlyGurl routine is the gel sweating off the bottom layer of my hair from sitting on my sweaty self. It's amazing and SO EASY in the mornings... and I dont have to worry about things looking crazy mid-day... it's just beach wave-wonderful!

Love you, my Loves

P.s. puppies are due, like, now. So if you could pray that things get figured out soonish... or that there wont be one that I'll want in this litter (the next one is due in 2 weeks) that'd be great... Got that? Prayers for car. Prayers for pup.

Anything you want me to pray about for you?

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Mrs. G said...

answers. That is what I need help with.