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July 28, 2010

Well Then...

I just found out Jake is deploying in May... on saturday.

2nd term classes started Monday.

I went from 1 really hard class to 1 really hard class, 1 pantload of work, and labs that can't co-exist with my nicely placed GPA.

I'm in awe of how such a nice summer could turn into a ball-reaker in a matter of 3 days.

The loss of work time and the addition of a full day of classes doesn't bother me. Come on, i've been in school for 5 years now. I know how it works and I actually dont mind.

I unknowingly scheduled for a class that requires 14hours of outside lab work... volunteer lab work... Outside of class...

Did I mention that I have a full day of classes? That I, literally, run from one side of campus to the other in 12 mins so I'm on time to class.... twice a day. Now this professor expects muah, with no car (don't let me get into it, I'm about to lock the hubs in a padded cell) and a job and time needed to study, to pick up 14 hours in the next 3 weeks of volunteer work with out any warning? Then pass the class sign up sheet around the room so that other people get first choice for the 2 days I can commit to.....i can do the lab work... I really can... But I'm very limited. Noooo... let the junior who will probably drop this class choose the times that I need... Thanks.

I'm a little miffed. She's trying to work things out with me and my schedule but 4 weeks to get something figured out that doesn't interfere with my other classes is going to be hard... I cant drop the class... It's not offered until winter quarter..... I'm gonna be graduated before then if I have to sell a kidney to do it.

This hastle on top of knowing that I'm gonna lose 14 hours at work.... and that Jake is deploying....

Jake wont be here during the end of the quarter.. I guess I'll thank you, Army, for taking my husband away for 3 weeks of annual training.... Hopefully I'll get my crap together. But I sure as hell better have a car by then......

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