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July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for

- Days off - Today Jake and I are spending the day together doing together-ness things. Back to work tomorrow, but I love my Love.
- My new hair - I love my waves. They're easy and touchable. I think they might be here to stay. Any thoughts?
- Car shopping - I love the end product... Maybe not the during part. I just want to wish a car into our carport... OK maybe not into the carport since I have a bad record with them. But maybe into the parking spots outside the front door...Yeah, that's a way better/safer spot. OK commence wishing: 2002 Honda Civic with power windows and a low miles. 2002 Honda Civic with power windows and low miles. 2002 Honda Civic...... OK, OK any Civic under 12 years old with decent miles.
- Leftovers - My lunches have been awesome this week thanks to the large amounts of leftovers MIL had. Yum. Plus I adore not spending a cent.... or making anything myself... I'm sure one of these days the homey idea of cooking will take hold... It just hasn't yet.
- Grading curves - I don't know why Physiology isn't sticking to my brain, but it isn't. Yes I study. Yes I'm re-writing my notes... I don't know. It's like sitting in a foreign language class... Did I mention that in high school I was recommended/hinted to not continue in Spanish... It happened to my sister too... Must run in the family.
- Applesauce - It's my snack of choice right now.


Anna Walker said...

I agree with applesauce, grading curves...well basically everything! :)

Jen said...

Just found your blog; love it!