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July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Or should we say friday-eve?

- I'm thankful for a day off in the niddle of the week. I decided to take tuesday off because my hubs was off. I still went to class (bummer) but we went to look at cars then to my fav store ever TJ Maxx. Then went to see Grown Ups with his siblings. it was a pretty great day.

- I'm thankful that a well-slept husband is a happy husband. Jake fell asleep at 6:30 lastnight and woke up only when I demanded that he brush his teeth when I did. His second day off in a row consisted of a trip to the gym, out looking for shorts (his are all pretty old) and fly-fighing with his brother... Pretty good day huh? Then he came home to me taking a catnap while studying so he did dishes and picked up a little bit. What a good hubs.

- I'm thankful for friends who re-connect because they need support but then end up sticking around because they remembered how much fun it was to be there. School sucks for staying in touch. And relationships breaking sucks too... But I can't say I hate the fact that I'm hanging out with a close friend again, even with the circumstances.

- I'm so thankful for PB & J.... it's the catch all. so much protein and fruit. Plus yummy goodness. I could eat 3 sandwiches and not feel guilty about it.

- I'm thankful that I'm actually learning something in my dang Physiology class regardless of how often it makes me want to cry/scream/throw things. Like learning helpful things like the fact that if you try to put your body on a low carb diet while working out you'll burnout because you need carbs to release ATP which triggers muscle contractions letting you exercise with more ease. if your low on carbs you feel crappier than normal while working out... that = not fun. See, I'm smart... OK, OK so you already knew all that.

- I'm thankful that I'm going to be out of this damn place in another 5 months. By this place I mean work. after I graduate I am only allowed to work here for another 90 days as a temp. I'm cool with that because this place is driving me insane. Now I just have to graduate. Then comes the job hunt.

Hope you all had a good week!

P.s. Prayers would be helpful for me getting the internship I'm applying for. It's at BalletMet! Thanks Loves!

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Brie said...

Ooh good luck with the internship, it sounds wonderful!