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July 14, 2010

Something Else to Distract Me

Yeah, I'm totally going to be over dramatic about this news.

TOB is pregnant.

PREGO?! my mind is still blown and I've known for about 3 weeks now.


Nikki said...

Some people should be forced to be on birth control ;) Hopefully they will turn things around for the sake of their little one...I do feel bad for you for the next 7 months though...being pregnant will probably make her even harder to be around.

Christine said...

ok - i'm pregnant and i just encouraged my husband to go back to school because he always wanted to take classes for composing music. if she tells him to stop following his dream, then that is really really selfish. also - come on! an escalade. that's just redonkulous. i only traded in my car because we are having twins. if it was one baby i'd still have my civic.

J-Bird said...

You're not going to like what I have to say. But...

If her parents are willing to carry them, then let TOB and Twin enjoy the ride. Yes, she's selfish. Yes, she's completely intolerable. No, you would never ask your husband to sacrifice but honestly, if someone had the means and the desire to give to me, I'd take it. Swiftly. Without a 2nd thought.

Nothing is free. She will pay the price for her deeds. And they will pay the price for all of this "help".

Babies are a wake up call. We all know she hasn't done nearly enough research to know what it will really take.

Be there for her if you'd like. Watch her crash and burn if you prefer. But do try to be happy for the new life. Babies are pretty awesome! (When you get to take them back B^D)