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July 12, 2010

Mi Pelo

Recently I have developed this obsession.

You see a while ago, in the early days of my blog, I shared my routine, habits and hair style. Nothing has really changed. Oh yeah. Except everything!

Yeah. ok well not everything.

Anyway, recent frustration with my hair never getting healthier no matter what I did led me to take one, single drastic step.

The lead up to this mind blowing event was my switch from whatever shampoos and conditioners I wanted to sulfate and dimethicone free suds. While my hair got softer and easier to manage I was still plagued by nasty breakage. The 'I have to cut my hair every 4-6 weeks' breakage. Not fun by any means and evidently the anti-christ to growing your hair out. (I kid)

So this life changing event?....

I put away my blow-dryer.

Yep. It's taking a 10 week vacation.

I am adopting the CurlyGirl technique. My sister has naturly adorably curly hair that any sane woman would drool over. She has been managing her mane in the CurlyGirl way for the past year and NEVER have I seen healthier, softer, more beautiful tresses. So much so that thoughts of savage shearing and supergluing has entered my mind when observing her natural spring and glossiness.

Ahem. I'm so sorry about that. I lost my focus for a bit.

So as of June 25th I have adopted and internalized the techniques for gaining the healthy hair I so crave. Sans dryer. And now together lets take a cleansing breath. In. Out....

The results so far...

Day 1

Day 8

Day 9

Day 12

Each day has brought about different results. The most surprising is that my hair naturally has a wave to it. This is my hair months before I started the new routine on a day where I got stuck out in the rain while walking to class.

I mean doing the whole 'gel and plop' thing takes about the same time as to stand in the bathroom and blow-dry my hair into it's usual straight state. Possiably a little less.

The only problem I'm having with it is my uncontrollable need to touch my hair. It's not due to the new style or anything like that... It's because I'm an avid hair toucher. I would always be touching, petting, twisting, and running my hair through my fingers.

I'll try to keep you updated on my product and different steps durring the time my blow dryer is locked away in some dank dark cabinet.

So far... trial and error with much success!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I like the cursl a lot. I'm going to have to look into this Curlygirl styling technique.