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July 30, 2010

Internship Interview

So because I've only (basically) worked at one place my entire professional career, I've never had to do an interview..

After the one I just went to I should probably practice.

I went to an interview for BalletMet's Arts Administration internship. I had a lot of questions since I just randomly sent my resume and cover letter to BalletMet when a friend suggested I give it a try. I hadn't thought of BalletMet as a place to do my internship just because it was such a big name. I dont know why that seemed to stop me. Some of ym ppers are going with the clippers, or a pro team... Why couldn't I choose a pro dance company as my internship...

This all goes back to a low aspiration issue... Sometimes wanting to put family first in a dramatic fashion makes people question my decisions... then question my sanity... PLUS who the heck says being a stay at home mom is a low aspiration... It's the hardest job of your life, or so I've heard... So take that nay-sayers!!!

Anyway. I guess with my guilt knowing that I'd rather be at home playing with babies than working someplace that i actually think of as 'work' I hadn't thought to apply someplace where I really would want to give 10500% and soak everything up like a sponge...

So going into the interview I was 30 mins early and sat in my car until there was 10 mins until my interview. The woman I met with was totally cool and about to leave on her vacation so was very relaxed and understanding. I wasn't very articulate so I know I probably came off seeming like I was way out of my element. (I was) But I was so facinated by the inner workings of how the company was run I didn't really try to sell myself for the spot... I'm kicking myself now because I really really would LOVE this internship... I dont even care that it doesn't pay. Sign me up!

So I'll talk to Jake about it and see how much time I can be available (if I get the internship). I'm on cloud 9 just because I'm being concidered!

I'm totally geeking out right now.

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Brie said...

Good luck! I hope you get it!