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July 7, 2010

Good Effort, Pops.

Yeah My car is gone. Dad took her to the junk yard on Monday.

The bare spot in my parent's driveway is so depressing.

It signals my utter despair.
But we took the motor back and paid the re-stocking fee. Almost a full refund.

Now with my fear of using the joint account I have to give my darling husband the pros and cons of me getting a used Honda. He's afraid... Very afraid.

Have I never mentioned my track record? It's not long... But the insurance company sure does love having me on the policy.

Anyway. Time to distract from my life's failings and get back to business.

I know Jake will give in. Female intuition? Nah. Probably his exhaustion for the daily routine of dropping me off at my parents house to catch a ride in with my sister. Lets just put it this way: parking pass, one car, we live 3.8 minutes away from them.... I don't really listen to his complaints and a quick counter argument is 'well lets get me a car' all smiles and teasing...
He doesn't like it... He's the type of person who enjoys staring at his cushion of a bank balance while eating cereal for dinner every night.... And I'm only exaggerating a very little bit.

So hopefully I'll get a set of wheels soon... I'm not holding my breath for any time table or deadline... I'll be lucky if we get a chance to be in the same room for more than 45 minutes any time soon. Thank you urgent care job sucking the life out of life.

Such is life.

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