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July 21, 2010

Are You a Curly Girl?

If you're working with curls on a daily basis, have children with curls, or have always blow-dried the hell out of your tresses to get the straight look (with only partial success) you may be in need of an intervention.
For more information check out my Big Sis' Blog for a little more information. She is doing a step by step for starters that is pretty easy. From there you should check out naturallycurly.com... It's a lifesaver, lime flavored.

This is literally saving my hair. Never have I felt so sassy or confident in how my hair looks, even on bad hair days. No more am I freaking out if my blow-out has gone wavy. No more am I spending 15 mins a day blow-drying and flat ironing my hair into submission.

If you've ever thought of going natural..... Check out the CurlyGirl method. It's not for any specific ethnicity, hair color, curl type. It's for a healthier hair day.

If your just curious head over to naturallycruly.com and find out what type of hair you have. I'm a 2AB!

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