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July 22, 2010

Am I Alone in This?

Does anyone else buy little things that wont be necessary for a little while? Like hope chest items only in regards to other things other than just house stuff?

I am currently doing this, and have been for a while now, for a puppy... I'm obsessive, I know.

But I'm thinking about starting this for a baby as well. There are just too many adorable things out there. I want to snatch them up while I still can...

I'm in love with some of the baby-wear Etsy shops.

(a little shout out to a friend of my sister, who has a shop called WarmFuzzies by Courtney. SO cute!)

Have you seen the cocoon-beanie sets? I swear they're the cutest things ever!
Not to mention the cutest ever headbands with huge flowers attached.
and the personalized sibling gear... Oh goodness I'm thinking in multiples....

goodness I'm va-clempt

Some pup related things to cheer me up and stop my uterus from seizing.
And a honorable mention for Zeke.


Mrs. G said...

that bow tie for Zeke is a must!

J-Bird said...

I love this post!

Nikki said...

I totally do this...I already bought a dress that Harper won't be able to wear until next summer because it was so cute.

J-Bird said...

Hey, Love! Can you tell me where you saw the sibling gear. I'd love to get that set for my cousin who's due next month. Lemme know, por favor.