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July 30, 2010

Internship Interview

So because I've only (basically) worked at one place my entire professional career, I've never had to do an interview..

After the one I just went to I should probably practice.

I went to an interview for BalletMet's Arts Administration internship. I had a lot of questions since I just randomly sent my resume and cover letter to BalletMet when a friend suggested I give it a try. I hadn't thought of BalletMet as a place to do my internship just because it was such a big name. I dont know why that seemed to stop me. Some of ym ppers are going with the clippers, or a pro team... Why couldn't I choose a pro dance company as my internship...

This all goes back to a low aspiration issue... Sometimes wanting to put family first in a dramatic fashion makes people question my decisions... then question my sanity... PLUS who the heck says being a stay at home mom is a low aspiration... It's the hardest job of your life, or so I've heard... So take that nay-sayers!!!

Anyway. I guess with my guilt knowing that I'd rather be at home playing with babies than working someplace that i actually think of as 'work' I hadn't thought to apply someplace where I really would want to give 10500% and soak everything up like a sponge...

So going into the interview I was 30 mins early and sat in my car until there was 10 mins until my interview. The woman I met with was totally cool and about to leave on her vacation so was very relaxed and understanding. I wasn't very articulate so I know I probably came off seeming like I was way out of my element. (I was) But I was so facinated by the inner workings of how the company was run I didn't really try to sell myself for the spot... I'm kicking myself now because I really really would LOVE this internship... I dont even care that it doesn't pay. Sign me up!

So I'll talk to Jake about it and see how much time I can be available (if I get the internship). I'm on cloud 9 just because I'm being concidered!

I'm totally geeking out right now.

July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for

Interviews - I have one for my internship with BalletMet. Hopfully things go well and I can start planning my final quarter of school.

Jake - he's still letting me get a puppy even though he is deploying. Just so long as once he comes back, asuming that I dont go crazy with all our money (designer duds here I come.... NOT)... Once he gets home after the deployment we're going to look into purchasing our first home.... Then once we get into that (or just a place with a yard) Jake is allowed to get a big Greyhound. (and name it whatever he wants) Yay for some plan of action and a possiable puppy.

Plans - They give you something to look forward to... A light at the end of the tunnel.

Calm - things are starting to calm down and that is something to be very thankful for.

P.s. Prayers are needed for Twin and TOB. They just got bloodwork back and her betas are showing that she is either having multiples or her body is not liking the baby. Either will be hard. but in different ways. Thanks

July 28, 2010

Well Then...

I just found out Jake is deploying in May... on saturday.

2nd term classes started Monday.

I went from 1 really hard class to 1 really hard class, 1 pantload of work, and labs that can't co-exist with my nicely placed GPA.

I'm in awe of how such a nice summer could turn into a ball-reaker in a matter of 3 days.

The loss of work time and the addition of a full day of classes doesn't bother me. Come on, i've been in school for 5 years now. I know how it works and I actually dont mind.

I unknowingly scheduled for a class that requires 14hours of outside lab work... volunteer lab work... Outside of class...

Did I mention that I have a full day of classes? That I, literally, run from one side of campus to the other in 12 mins so I'm on time to class.... twice a day. Now this professor expects muah, with no car (don't let me get into it, I'm about to lock the hubs in a padded cell) and a job and time needed to study, to pick up 14 hours in the next 3 weeks of volunteer work with out any warning? Then pass the class sign up sheet around the room so that other people get first choice for the 2 days I can commit to.....i can do the lab work... I really can... But I'm very limited. Noooo... let the junior who will probably drop this class choose the times that I need... Thanks.

I'm a little miffed. She's trying to work things out with me and my schedule but 4 weeks to get something figured out that doesn't interfere with my other classes is going to be hard... I cant drop the class... It's not offered until winter quarter..... I'm gonna be graduated before then if I have to sell a kidney to do it.

This hastle on top of knowing that I'm gonna lose 14 hours at work.... and that Jake is deploying....

Jake wont be here during the end of the quarter.. I guess I'll thank you, Army, for taking my husband away for 3 weeks of annual training.... Hopefully I'll get my crap together. But I sure as hell better have a car by then......

July 27, 2010

Life Likes to Kick Me in the Pants

I'm a whiner. I can't help it. Well I can but it's so much fun...... Here's one that is a serious one rather than the annoying and sarcastic whining that I so adore.

Jake and Twin have been called to be deployed. The news came in such an official and unquestionably serious way that there is no way to talk our ways out of it. There is no 'hopefully not'... They're going.

I'm not really one to be over emotional about things like this. It's a fact of life. Any big moment is. It's a time when you show the world what your made of... With me it's typically a time to show my 'hard as nails' exterior while my mind completely goes blank until my coping slowly catches up with me. I fake normal until I can get back to normal.

That's what this weekend was like. I wasn't a zombie... I was just choosing to not address the new development other than the 'that's life' statement.

And when I finally caught up with myself it wasn't a devastating moment where my whole world crumbled.... It was a 'this sucks' moment. I'm not concerned with where he'll be. It's in God's hands. I'm sad that he'll miss things. I'm sad that I'll have to make decisions by myself when I'm not by myself. Decisions that should be made by a family.... I don't know what decisions that will be.... But I'm going to have to make choices that Jake might not like when he gets back.... That's a scary idea. I love the compromise process. I give a little, he gives a little and no one can complain about it.....

So as of right now my hubs is deploying May 1st... a month after our niece or nephew will be born. (I can't even process what Twin and TOB feel like... But my feelings about that can be saved for later)

A lot is going to happen while the twins are gone...

I'll update more when I know more.

July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for

- Days off - Today Jake and I are spending the day together doing together-ness things. Back to work tomorrow, but I love my Love.
- My new hair - I love my waves. They're easy and touchable. I think they might be here to stay. Any thoughts?
- Car shopping - I love the end product... Maybe not the during part. I just want to wish a car into our carport... OK maybe not into the carport since I have a bad record with them. But maybe into the parking spots outside the front door...Yeah, that's a way better/safer spot. OK commence wishing: 2002 Honda Civic with power windows and a low miles. 2002 Honda Civic with power windows and low miles. 2002 Honda Civic...... OK, OK any Civic under 12 years old with decent miles.
- Leftovers - My lunches have been awesome this week thanks to the large amounts of leftovers MIL had. Yum. Plus I adore not spending a cent.... or making anything myself... I'm sure one of these days the homey idea of cooking will take hold... It just hasn't yet.
- Grading curves - I don't know why Physiology isn't sticking to my brain, but it isn't. Yes I study. Yes I'm re-writing my notes... I don't know. It's like sitting in a foreign language class... Did I mention that in high school I was recommended/hinted to not continue in Spanish... It happened to my sister too... Must run in the family.
- Applesauce - It's my snack of choice right now.

Am I Alone in This?

Does anyone else buy little things that wont be necessary for a little while? Like hope chest items only in regards to other things other than just house stuff?

I am currently doing this, and have been for a while now, for a puppy... I'm obsessive, I know.

But I'm thinking about starting this for a baby as well. There are just too many adorable things out there. I want to snatch them up while I still can...

I'm in love with some of the baby-wear Etsy shops.

(a little shout out to a friend of my sister, who has a shop called WarmFuzzies by Courtney. SO cute!)

Have you seen the cocoon-beanie sets? I swear they're the cutest things ever!
Not to mention the cutest ever headbands with huge flowers attached.
and the personalized sibling gear... Oh goodness I'm thinking in multiples....

goodness I'm va-clempt

Some pup related things to cheer me up and stop my uterus from seizing.
And a honorable mention for Zeke.

July 21, 2010

Are You a Curly Girl?

If you're working with curls on a daily basis, have children with curls, or have always blow-dried the hell out of your tresses to get the straight look (with only partial success) you may be in need of an intervention.
For more information check out my Big Sis' Blog for a little more information. She is doing a step by step for starters that is pretty easy. From there you should check out naturallycurly.com... It's a lifesaver, lime flavored.

This is literally saving my hair. Never have I felt so sassy or confident in how my hair looks, even on bad hair days. No more am I freaking out if my blow-out has gone wavy. No more am I spending 15 mins a day blow-drying and flat ironing my hair into submission.

If you've ever thought of going natural..... Check out the CurlyGirl method. It's not for any specific ethnicity, hair color, curl type. It's for a healthier hair day.

If your just curious head over to naturallycruly.com and find out what type of hair you have. I'm a 2AB!

July 19, 2010

Oh The Possibilities!

A few weeks ago, a wonderful friend of mine from the summer shows a few years back told me about an internship opportunity at the famed Columbus BalletMet. I started piecing my resume and cover letter together...

With my crazy schedule surrounding Oliver, I put it off until about Tuesday last week. I used connections to help me format everything (I have never needed a resume before now) so it all looked and sounded professional.

By Friday I had rounded up all of my references' numbers as well as found a second format for my resume (the first wasn't as clean looking). I emailed that lovely thing to the email address I was given with a silent prayer.

Today, I opened my email to this:

Dear Ms. R,
Jennifer, our Communications Manager forwarded me your e-mail and resume. Based on your career plans and past experience, she felt you might be more suited to an Arts Administrative Internship at BalletMet.

I couldn't agree more. Art Admin interns work closely with myself and the Executive Director of BalletMet. Responsibilities include managing a database of constituents, writing letters to politicians encouraging the continued public support of the arts, fulfilling requests from other non-profit 503(c) status organizations, and facilitating concise communication with our Board of Trustees. Interns in this position also have the opportunity to work on a project of their design that would help the organization as a whole.

If you are interested, please let me know. Most internships are generally one quarter in length, however if you are interested in a longer term, we would be happy to arrange a work schedule that does not conflict with your classes.
Thank you,

I DIE!!!!!

July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Or should we say friday-eve?

- I'm thankful for a day off in the niddle of the week. I decided to take tuesday off because my hubs was off. I still went to class (bummer) but we went to look at cars then to my fav store ever TJ Maxx. Then went to see Grown Ups with his siblings. it was a pretty great day.

- I'm thankful that a well-slept husband is a happy husband. Jake fell asleep at 6:30 lastnight and woke up only when I demanded that he brush his teeth when I did. His second day off in a row consisted of a trip to the gym, out looking for shorts (his are all pretty old) and fly-fighing with his brother... Pretty good day huh? Then he came home to me taking a catnap while studying so he did dishes and picked up a little bit. What a good hubs.

- I'm thankful for friends who re-connect because they need support but then end up sticking around because they remembered how much fun it was to be there. School sucks for staying in touch. And relationships breaking sucks too... But I can't say I hate the fact that I'm hanging out with a close friend again, even with the circumstances.

- I'm so thankful for PB & J.... it's the catch all. so much protein and fruit. Plus yummy goodness. I could eat 3 sandwiches and not feel guilty about it.

- I'm thankful that I'm actually learning something in my dang Physiology class regardless of how often it makes me want to cry/scream/throw things. Like learning helpful things like the fact that if you try to put your body on a low carb diet while working out you'll burnout because you need carbs to release ATP which triggers muscle contractions letting you exercise with more ease. if your low on carbs you feel crappier than normal while working out... that = not fun. See, I'm smart... OK, OK so you already knew all that.

- I'm thankful that I'm going to be out of this damn place in another 5 months. By this place I mean work. after I graduate I am only allowed to work here for another 90 days as a temp. I'm cool with that because this place is driving me insane. Now I just have to graduate. Then comes the job hunt.

Hope you all had a good week!

P.s. Prayers would be helpful for me getting the internship I'm applying for. It's at BalletMet! Thanks Loves!

July 14, 2010

Something Else to Distract Me

Yeah, I'm totally going to be over dramatic about this news.

TOB is pregnant.

PREGO?! my mind is still blown and I've known for about 3 weeks now.

July 12, 2010

Mi Pelo

Recently I have developed this obsession.

You see a while ago, in the early days of my blog, I shared my routine, habits and hair style. Nothing has really changed. Oh yeah. Except everything!

Yeah. ok well not everything.

Anyway, recent frustration with my hair never getting healthier no matter what I did led me to take one, single drastic step.

The lead up to this mind blowing event was my switch from whatever shampoos and conditioners I wanted to sulfate and dimethicone free suds. While my hair got softer and easier to manage I was still plagued by nasty breakage. The 'I have to cut my hair every 4-6 weeks' breakage. Not fun by any means and evidently the anti-christ to growing your hair out. (I kid)

So this life changing event?....

I put away my blow-dryer.

Yep. It's taking a 10 week vacation.

I am adopting the CurlyGirl technique. My sister has naturly adorably curly hair that any sane woman would drool over. She has been managing her mane in the CurlyGirl way for the past year and NEVER have I seen healthier, softer, more beautiful tresses. So much so that thoughts of savage shearing and supergluing has entered my mind when observing her natural spring and glossiness.

Ahem. I'm so sorry about that. I lost my focus for a bit.

So as of June 25th I have adopted and internalized the techniques for gaining the healthy hair I so crave. Sans dryer. And now together lets take a cleansing breath. In. Out....

The results so far...

Day 1

Day 8

Day 9

Day 12

Each day has brought about different results. The most surprising is that my hair naturally has a wave to it. This is my hair months before I started the new routine on a day where I got stuck out in the rain while walking to class.

I mean doing the whole 'gel and plop' thing takes about the same time as to stand in the bathroom and blow-dry my hair into it's usual straight state. Possiably a little less.

The only problem I'm having with it is my uncontrollable need to touch my hair. It's not due to the new style or anything like that... It's because I'm an avid hair toucher. I would always be touching, petting, twisting, and running my hair through my fingers.

I'll try to keep you updated on my product and different steps durring the time my blow dryer is locked away in some dank dark cabinet.

So far... trial and error with much success!

July 9, 2010

Car Cookies!!!

So on Wednesday Big Sis and I decided to use the chocolate chip cookie batter that has been in my freezer for about 3 months now...

We baked cookies while we were at work!!!
It was above 87* which made the car somewhere in the 200* area. perfect for baking cookies in a black car, on black asphalt, for 9 hours.
Yes we ate them...


July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I love taking time out of life to think about things that I'm thankful for... It seems like too often everyone gets caught up in their own little world.

I'm thankful for:

  • Family. who knows better about when things are really wrong or soo right.
  • New friends. It's my favorite thing.
  • Shared Sarcasm. The best.
  • My Summer Theatre Family. every summer it's like coming home.
  • Life Oppertunities. I really want this internship.
  • My hair. I'm lovin' it.
  • Mindless Reads. Nothing better than to read a book that takes zero brain power.

July 7, 2010

Good Effort, Pops.

Yeah My car is gone. Dad took her to the junk yard on Monday.

The bare spot in my parent's driveway is so depressing.

It signals my utter despair.
But we took the motor back and paid the re-stocking fee. Almost a full refund.

Now with my fear of using the joint account I have to give my darling husband the pros and cons of me getting a used Honda. He's afraid... Very afraid.

Have I never mentioned my track record? It's not long... But the insurance company sure does love having me on the policy.

Anyway. Time to distract from my life's failings and get back to business.

I know Jake will give in. Female intuition? Nah. Probably his exhaustion for the daily routine of dropping me off at my parents house to catch a ride in with my sister. Lets just put it this way: parking pass, one car, we live 3.8 minutes away from them.... I don't really listen to his complaints and a quick counter argument is 'well lets get me a car' all smiles and teasing...
He doesn't like it... He's the type of person who enjoys staring at his cushion of a bank balance while eating cereal for dinner every night.... And I'm only exaggerating a very little bit.

So hopefully I'll get a set of wheels soon... I'm not holding my breath for any time table or deadline... I'll be lucky if we get a chance to be in the same room for more than 45 minutes any time soon. Thank you urgent care job sucking the life out of life.

Such is life.