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June 17, 2010

Vintage Glam

So last month Big Sis and I went out onthe town for a few hours to hang out and be photogenic for our lovely Mrs. Kama.I love being a total ham with my sister... And Kama has anded up being someone I really enjoy. She's so talented and funny. Plus she likes goofy... And if anything we can all claim that i, and my family, are just that.So anyway. I wanted to get a few headshots done for the theatre career that I imagine in my head (not really, I'm thinking about getting things going with that this upsoming year) and I decided that since it probably wouldn't take the whole 2 hours that a session lasts that I'd make my sister come and we'd play dress up. The clothes were easy. Doing my hair inbetween was the only hard part.... And the rest is history. Check out the result.

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