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June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday and Why I'm MIA

Oh Loves, I'm a failure at blogging right now. It's the week before finals and things are getting insane in the membrane, (insane in the brain).... see what I mean.

The summer show has started. Oliver!... It'll be interesting. I didn't do well on my reading part of auditions and things were pre cast so I'm in the chorus and dance corps. I'm not complaining, just weary.

School is wearing me out. final today for sports and social values. Joy.

My house is in a state of uncaring mess.... It'll wait until finals are over.

I'm tired and cranky and needing some good feeling in life. I'm not saying things are sucky, cause they're not... It's just at that 'bla' point.

Plus Jake decided that Sunday night he was going to get more drunk than he's ever been before... (We're not big drinkers) and chugged about 1/4 of a bottle of 151.... He's a genius. So after 30 mins he passed out and slept for about 30 mins.. then when my sis and her hubs were leaving I woke him up and he proceeded to puke.....many times. But out of it I got the promise that he'll never drink like that again and that next time he'll listen to me and that I'm the best wife ever for sleeping on the floor with him. It felt pretty good to be appreciated that much, even if it was in a completely obliterated state.

But I am thankful for many things:

  • Hubs who loves me and tries to make things up to me by cooking quite a bit.
  • school being almost over
  • prof. who give the answers to finals
  • work being the easiest ever
  • seeing friends again after a long year
  • people who join in with my complete sarcasm
  • long talks with old friends
  • family
I hope everyone is doing superb and has some things of their own that they're thankful for.

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Brittany said...

Are you in Oliver at Davidson? A few of my students from last year are in it!