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June 22, 2010

Oh Yeah

Man am I forgetful. Yes this weekend was awesome!

On Sat. Jake was home and after rehearsal for Hilliard Arts Council's Oliver I went home to hang out with him.

We ended up meeting up with Big Sis and Brad for lunch. Max and Erma's is amazing. I highly suggest the pretzel sticks.

After that we went to a few stores and then went to the Gahanna Jazz Fest, It was pretty cool. None of us had ever been before and it was a really relaxing and fun to walk around, people watch and listen to local talent. One of the groups that was there was called Long Tall Deb and the Drifter Kings (I'm pretty sure at least) They were amazing!

Sunday Jake had to work but everyone else went to the Zoo for a nice, sunny, beautiful day with my dad. I'll post pics by the end of the week. There were some interesting encounters with a grizzly... The pics I took are so cool and don't even get half of it! I adore the Zoo. Jake and I got a pass for my bridal shower and this is only the second time I've used it.... Jake hasn't even been since he came home last summer.... Not even the zoo lights for us. Sad times. I plan to fix that this summer. Hey I've got it free until October! Yeah Baby!

Anyway. Classes started yesterday. I'm going to go now and see if I can get into another one.... Joy.

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