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June 15, 2010

Oh.... I Have a Blog?


About that.....

Life has been interesting lately and I've been lazy. There is no other excuse than that. I'm unmotivated, uninspired and uncoordinated.

I feel that my life isn't really that interesting.

I'm trying to find an internship for fall quarter and it's ending up being a pain in my ass.

One of the breeders I was in contact emailed me yesterday and tolld me that her girl only had 3 puppies and that they lost 2. So I'm hoping that everything goes well with the other breeder so Jake and I can get our puppy... Life will spice up then. lol.

I'm so ready to be done with school and so NOT ready to be getting a new job. I've been a secretary for my dad for 5 years and have never feared for my job. What if I'm a total wreck at working for real? What if I can't find a job and I end up having to work retail or food... EWWW. I've done both and , no offense to those who are there, I hated it. The days were too long and the pay was not enough.

Anyone have horror stories for either? One time I walked into a dressing room with pee in it..... and another time there wasa dirty diper left for me to dispose of.... Awesome right?

Anyway. I'll start working on posts about the picture sessions that have happened recently.

I guess I missed you all, my Loves.

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