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June 29, 2010

My Car

It's not up and running quite yet...

Actually it's giving my wonderful, awesome, skilled, talented, loving papa a little trouble.

You see, my car has been sitting in my parents driveway for a year. Yeah, yeah. I know. but in that year there has been a little rust. (not significant. dad went after it with a hammer and everything was sound) But the bigger things that have died in the process of sitting (other than the already dead motor) have been the breaks and the battery.

The breaks are frozen. I don't know what that means. Dad just said that once the motor is in we'll see if they get unfrozen. Joy. But if things don't work out we're trading that dumb car in for a new(er) one.

Battery is no biggy. We'll switch that piece o' shiza out and get a new one.

Jake, my ever financial minded hubs, isn't thrilled with the idea of trading the car in. He likes our bank account to be nice an cushy all the time.... And he makes me nervous enough that I try to please him. (come on now the idea of another quarter of school for me, the uncertainty of the job market right now and looming med school makes me almost pee my pants due to fear.)

So we're needing some prayers that we'll get our money's worth plus some extra out of this damn car. let it last until Christmas and I'll be happy. Even longer and I'll kiss it's rusty undercarriage.... Get my point here?

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