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June 23, 2010

An Introduction

This is my car....

OK well not really my car, but a web version of my car... Same color and year, just in vision a little wing-tail on the trunk.... dumb but unique.

My car has been dead for a year.
Yes a year.

But recent things have put in motion the resurrection of my lovely, old bitty of a car.

I bought her a new motor!

Yeah I know. 'Erin.... You had to replace a 1997 Saturn with a new motor? This is a motor we're talking about here.'

Yes a motor. It was between paying $500 for a 91000 mi motor or spending $4-5 thousand in getting a new (used) car... I opted for the cheaper idea and I will run this beast into the ground. all in preparation for getting one of these lovely things when the time (and savings) is right.

The Honda Fit - 31mpg... So purty!
The Honda Civic Hybrid - 42 mpg ...classic
Or the Honda Insight - 41 mpg....Futuristic and flashy!
I love them all along with the high mpg that comes with them. It may be a while, but I'm gonna have one eventually. I'll save some of the environment and have a slammin' ride on top of it. Watch out!
Day dreaming aside, she'll be up and running by the end of the month, hopefully... if all goes according to plan... Which with my family hardly ever happens... So keep a look out for celebratory tweets and blog posts talking about my soon to be rediscovered freedom of travel. I'm giddy just thinking about it.

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