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May 17, 2010

So Close!!

This weekend was full of excitement... Only kinda not.

It was a good weekend for girl time, family time, husband time and any time other than writing a paper time.

Yean it's that time again.

I have a paper due this thursday and next thursday. I'm not too pleased about it other than the fact that ti means that I'll be practically done after they're turned in.

Then it'll mean a week vaca, summer classes, then a 4 week vaca, then my final quarter of college!!!!!

Who's amped?!!! that's right, MEEEEEEEEEE!

I also just found out today that my friend, KG, just got her student teaching job in our H-Town school district! That means a real reconnection now that she'll be back in town!! Yay KG!!! No more Athens! More drinking at biker bars and downing jello shots and walking on blacktop without shoes..... Good times!

Can you tell I'm avoiding starting my book review?

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