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May 12, 2010


This weekend I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I allowed my kiki to have a sleepover....

The result = me sleeping in the hallway blocking access to the door so hubs could get some sleep before going to work on mother's day.

the insanity of 2 little monsters wrestling up and down the stairs over, and over, and over again at 3 in the morning was ridiculous.

The jingling of the tags and bells were too loud on Tavish's collar... So at 1:30 I taped them together with scotch tape and went back to bed.

They romped and darted all over the bed (and our harmless legs)...We shut the door...

They scratched.... I sat in the hall to calm them down and crush their dreams of getting past me to scratch on the door with sleep deprived hubs on the other side... I suddenly became the opposing team's goalie. little did those 2 shit-heads know that I am the best cat goalie in the world.... even half asleep. I laid down in front of the door and side swiped any attempt at passing.... I even rolled on top of Zeke when he tried to climb the mountainous form under the OSU blanket. Needless to say I won and hubs carried me into bed at 5, when he woke up, giving me smooches and a 'good game' pat on the butt to put me to sleep.

It was a good game. The elephants made the first scores of the night... But I was the cat champ and got to sleep in after I gave one for the team....

I guess the skill of sleeping where ever, whenever, however comes in handy. Especially against 2 kiki's that haven't seen each other in almost 6 months.

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