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May 7, 2010

Why I Should be Allowed to Get A Pup


It's been an interesting week.

and I almost started whinning about it... eww.

Voting for Glee stuff is over. I'm not putting any money on anything, but I'm proud of myself that I actually did it. Now a lot of people know that I can sing that didn't before.

I've been having dreams about picking out puppies..... it's making me pretty emotional when I wake up and it's not real......

But then I think, 'Erin this isn't like a baby. Snap out of it'..... But I want a cute pup sooo bad.

Reasons why I should get a pup:
  • I've been waiting to get one for 4 years. everything has come up. at first 'Rents said no and I still lived with them. Then Jake didn't want to miss the 'puppy year' while he was away. Then we were engaged and couldn't afford one. Now we're stuck in an anti-pet apartment while smuggling in a feline.

Picture of said feline:
  • I'm a good pet mom. My cat always has food and is very happy. He tells me so every morning at 3:45. Plus I clean out his litter box regularly.

Picture of the happy boy:
I'm determined to have a pup before we start having kids. The dog will be training for Jake and I.

I would name our pup something cool like Fitzgerald (Fitz), Athena, Artemis,

Did I mention that I love my cat? Isn't he the cutest ever?!!!

p.s. he broke another glass. remember this incident before the wedding.... Well it seems like he loves the idea of open counters and falling glasses.


Nikki said...

Your cat is awesome! We have two black cats and I love them. They, however, are absolutely no help in getting ready for a baby.

Brook said...

I think it's funny that this says it was published on Friday, but I could see it on Wednesday...that's weird.