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April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for:

  • Getting the chance to start a-new. Meaning with school. It's a new quarter and I'm determined to have a better outlook. Otherwise I wont make it to graduation..... Seriously.

  • Mini vacations. I went to NC with SIL and has a really nice time soaking up the sun that was available. It was nice not having to worry about having a coat all the time.... And I wasn't in town when it snowed! Muahahaha.

  • My husband. He's he sweetest ever.

  • Birth control. I'm not going to lie. Getting prego right would be the LEAST ideal thing that could happen right now...... Or any time before Jake gets into med school... Instead I'll feed the baby wanting, uterus clenching feelings that I get with the preparation of getting a puppy. (no we're not getting one yet... but if I start getting things here and there it'll give us $ when we bring him home in October)

  • Music. 'Nuff said.

  • GOOD books.... not crappy ones whose ending makes me wonder why I wasted my time reading ALL 3 of the books at 300+ pages..... Epic fail.

  • Bloggies!!! I love my peeps! even when I go hiatus without the mention of coming back I still get 46 visits. Now that's love..... Or an obsession. You choose..... (I hope it's love!!! lol)

  • Red meat. (hahahahaha) OK I really don't know why I found that so funny.... But I really do love a nice juicy steak. Medium rare please!

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