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April 19, 2010

My Tax Return Purchase

So as a gift to myself from our tax return (which was ridiculous) I chose to replace my dead Phillips Go-Gear. It had lasted my eons and was honestly the best and most user friendly MP3 player ever. It was sleek and easy to use with its touch light up thingy. I was so proud that I wasn't giving into the apple craze.

Needless to say it crapped out and dies with my 2000+ play list on it..... and this was after my computer crashed with my 3000+ songs on it.

I was sad... I was REALLY sad.

So after we got our tax return I decided that I hates people on campus thinking I'm fair game to talk to just because i didn't have ear buds shoved in my brain..... Rather annoying.

P.S.... People, just because someone doesn't have a blue-tooth or headphones in their ears doesn't mean that they want to socialize with you. it generally means that theirs are broken... and that they're walking fast so as not to be approached by you.... Avoidance of eye contact is another tactic we use..... View the signs for what they are and don't stop me to talk about how your running for class president... I'm not in your class , I don't care.

OK so back to the topic of conversation here...

OH so I made Jake find me a new player. We scored the ZuneHD!!! Yay for me!!!! It's Microsoft and has all the capabilities of the ipod touch minus the video.... but plus the radio. (makes more sense for a music player...)

AND I LOVE IT! the Zune equivalent of itunes is pretty sweet and the player is totally easy to use. Even easier than my Phillips.

Now I don't have anything against Apple... I just don't want to be like everyone else. Plus I love Microsoft (don't get me wrong if you are a person who makes movies or records stuff you need a mac.... it's just that I don't)

Here's me with my ZuneHD!!!

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Brittany Ann said...

Don't worry! I fight the apple trend too! I own none of their products, including the iPod. I just can't fathom their price jump! It can't be worth it!