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April 5, 2010

Monday Recap

So the Monday MK things weren't going so well and they were pretty involved and lengthy. So I'm scrapping them.

This weekend was pretty nice. Friday night Hubs and I went to see 'Clash of the Titans' with SIL and her hubs and Big Sis and her Lawyer hubs. It was pretty good. I've never seen the 1981 original but I was told of it by all the boys excited to see the clay animation bested with computer graphics and CGI..... evidently they were all disappointed. I don't know how because they kept saying hot it was exactly the same. Boys! I thought it was pretty good. i wished that Medusa was an actual actor rather than all CGI. it reminded me of how the scorpion king was CGI'd. that = not very well.

Easter was nice. Pretty low key, which is unusual. We went to church and took Big sis along since Mom was at work. We met Dad for brunch and went back home to veg out before going to MIL's to see Jake's fam. Then we went back home and vegged some more watching 'Life' on the Discovery channel.

Pretty good weekend. I hope yours were all just as good or better.

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