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April 21, 2010

Glee Procedure

OK so I have my song recorded. It took a FREAKING long time. But it's done. I was so afraid that my neighbors would come and beat down our doors because I was still busting it out at 9:30... Oops.

so part 1 is done.

I still have to record my bio and everything because I have to write a rough draft basically, for what I want to say. It's hard because we're not allowed to mention and 2nd persons or products.... So I have to be very generic but still appealing to voters.

You can also only vote on videos if you have a myspace account.

But I have to pick a video and record my bio tonight (it should take very long considering how much I like to talk to myself anyway) Then I'll post the link and directions after I'm done! Hopefully it wont take very long.

If anyone has any suggestions about what to say in my bio (only 1 min long) comment if you want. I'm just going to be my dorkish self.

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