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April 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Conclusion... The Beginning of Newlywed Wednesdays

So to end the wedding sessions here on my blog I'll give you a run down of some random thoughts I have about weddings in general, my wedding, and married life so far.

weddings are nice... an unknown perk: losing 10 pounds in the 2-3 weeks before due to stress.

I liked my wedding process, even the date change, because it was very me. I'm the kind of no fuss person who if I'm tired of thinking about it or talking about it I'm literally done. So once it came to a point where I thought I was obsessing over it I did a toss up and let things land where they may... Probably not the best idea, or relaxing for others involved... But I loved the results.

Note: if you decide to shoot down a groom idea they'll be on your case about it until the end of time.... Case in point: The suit. Jake while being totally adorable and funny in the beginning talked about having tails.... I thought it was a joke and his way of letting me dream about a truly vintage occasion. But I knew what would look best and what wouldn't embarrass us 30 years down the road... So I helped him pick out an alternative.... He teases about me shooting him down.... But he's really serious. He would have been pleased as punch to have been wearing tails... I would have loved it if he had compromised and worn the ascot styled suit. You know? tapered long coat, waistcoat, fat ascot tie and pinstriped pants... Total Edwardian/early 1900's high style. Too bad he said no to that.... So we went traditional black. Figures it's the one thing he complains about....

Having the girls pick their own dress styles was by far the best decision I made... Each girl looked beautiful in their chosen style. It showed their uniqueness and taste. I adored it.

I don't remember half of what happened. Pictures remind me of who was there how many people danced and what I did throughout the whole reception. All of the little details were so not important. I thought things went beautifully.

Every decision I made was right. The only thing I wish had been different was the music list. I wish I had set that in stone... While the music played was fine it wasn't really a good mash-up of styles like I had hoped it would be. I wish I knew what people thought of the cocktail music selections.... But I'm sure no one was paying attention.... I also wish I had had a grand piano at the wedding... The organ was nice and traditional, but I could have gone with some 'me' music.

Jake and I are 5 months as of yesterday. It's pretty easy to live with him. He's laid back I'm low maintenance (for the most part)... We're both home bodies, so there's no fights about what we're doing or where someone was or how late is too late. We're still getting a handle on the cooking thing. Jake loves the George Foreman and I evidently like tortilla chips and dip. This makes for a bad diet. So with recent shopping trips we've been trying to cut out the staples that use to be our meals before marriage... Like pizza rolls, chicken nuggets and corn dogs. It's going to be hard, but hopefully one of us will become inventive.

nothing has really caught me off guard quite yet, but I'm sure I'll be noticing some things once we hit the 1 year mark... Now it's all still a feeling out type of thing. We're not use to thinking as a married couple when it comes to making plans. Also hanging out with each other's family and balancing time spent with each is kinda hard... But we're working it out.

So that's it for now...

Wednesdays will now be a mix up of wishful Wednesdays and newlywed experiences. I hope you'll stay on board. It's going to be interesting.

April 26, 2010

So It's up!

My glee audition is up.

Please sign in to your myspace and gold star me my loves!

And let other people know about my audition. Blog it, tweet it, fb it... I'd greatly appreciate it.

And go watch my other videos and laugh at my total complete dorkiness.... hehehe

April 25, 2010

So I Just Turned in My Audition

Yep. I'm tired. my voice is tired. I put in my audition for Glee.

It's loading and will be up and running and ready for gold star votes by tomorrow morning.

in the mean time here is a take from some of my practice runs. I hope you enjoy... Bahaha. Ok it's me and my total complete perfectionist and dorkiness.

April 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Reception, Pro Style

Warning, I'm a boob holder. It's a protective measure... A 'check to make sure what little there is, is still there' precaution.
Our paparazzi shot
Be impressed...
dancer's instinct right there.
Tada. Crys we trained him well.
How low can you go?
Cha cha real slow now.
i was not expecting him to lift my leg... I didn't think he needed directions on that.
He was so proud of himself.
To the window, to the wall!
Why Hello there Mrs. G.....

It was an awesome night.

Glee Procedure

OK so I have my song recorded. It took a FREAKING long time. But it's done. I was so afraid that my neighbors would come and beat down our doors because I was still busting it out at 9:30... Oops.

so part 1 is done.

I still have to record my bio and everything because I have to write a rough draft basically, for what I want to say. It's hard because we're not allowed to mention and 2nd persons or products.... So I have to be very generic but still appealing to voters.

You can also only vote on videos if you have a myspace account.

But I have to pick a video and record my bio tonight (it should take very long considering how much I like to talk to myself anyway) Then I'll post the link and directions after I'm done! Hopefully it wont take very long.

If anyone has any suggestions about what to say in my bio (only 1 min long) comment if you want. I'm just going to be my dorkish self.

April 20, 2010

Glee Update... Again

Tonight is the night.....
Tonight I'm sitting myself down in front of my web cam and recording my song and bio for Glee. It'll be up by tomorrow morning. I'm not quite sure how I'll work it out but I'll let you all know right away so you can go 'gold star' it.

I've procrastinated on it just because I wanted to make sure I was doing it for me. Plus I went and watched some of the videos and I was intimidated, not gonna lie. But I'm just gonna go for it and get it over and done with.

Tune in tonight for another post. hopefully I'll have a link to the video so you can watch it. Otherwise you'll have to shuffle through all the entries to find mine.

Some encouraging words would be awesome. (I'm feeling kinda apathetic right now. lol)

April 19, 2010

My Tax Return Purchase

So as a gift to myself from our tax return (which was ridiculous) I chose to replace my dead Phillips Go-Gear. It had lasted my eons and was honestly the best and most user friendly MP3 player ever. It was sleek and easy to use with its touch light up thingy. I was so proud that I wasn't giving into the apple craze.

Needless to say it crapped out and dies with my 2000+ play list on it..... and this was after my computer crashed with my 3000+ songs on it.

I was sad... I was REALLY sad.

So after we got our tax return I decided that I hates people on campus thinking I'm fair game to talk to just because i didn't have ear buds shoved in my brain..... Rather annoying.

P.S.... People, just because someone doesn't have a blue-tooth or headphones in their ears doesn't mean that they want to socialize with you. it generally means that theirs are broken... and that they're walking fast so as not to be approached by you.... Avoidance of eye contact is another tactic we use..... View the signs for what they are and don't stop me to talk about how your running for class president... I'm not in your class , I don't care.

OK so back to the topic of conversation here...

OH so I made Jake find me a new player. We scored the ZuneHD!!! Yay for me!!!! It's Microsoft and has all the capabilities of the ipod touch minus the video.... but plus the radio. (makes more sense for a music player...)

AND I LOVE IT! the Zune equivalent of itunes is pretty sweet and the player is totally easy to use. Even easier than my Phillips.

Now I don't have anything against Apple... I just don't want to be like everyone else. Plus I love Microsoft (don't get me wrong if you are a person who makes movies or records stuff you need a mac.... it's just that I don't)

Here's me with my ZuneHD!!!

April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I'm thankful for:

  • My Hubs. He's the sweetest and handsomest and bestest guy everzzzzz.

  • Music. I want to learn to play the piano so that I can hear more music whenever I want.

  • Fred Astaire movies. Even when Jake doesn't want to watch them with me and I fall asleep 10 mins before the end.

  • Classes based on readings where the prof just talks all about what was in the reading in class.... It makes my life a bunch easier.

  • Finding out that I like cooking for my hubs. interesting development.

  • eating something other than ramen for lunch.

  • Milk. I do really love milk... Ice cold please.

April 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Ceremony, Pro Style

The ceremony! He looks a little nervous... My precious nephew and cousinsDoes this give you an idea of how long my train was? Dramatic and me... we go hand in hand.This is prob. my fav moment. So understated and private in a room full of people. I'm a dork.The epitome of 'US'Our Glamour shot. lol. I love it Kama!