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March 31, 2010

What Disney movie changed your life?

That's my random question of the day. And don't tell me none because there are gazillions of Disney movies and each one has something else to bring to the table.

My answer has to be Fantasia (both original and 2000)!!!!!

There are many little story lines for those of us who have trouble focusing. There are Hippos in tutu's and prancing Pegasus'. There are flying whales and a lonesome jazz artist.

Plus the music is AMAZING. I wish I had the ability to put a story to a song like that.

I think that movie is the reason I can listen to classical and appreciate it as much as the soulful words from a true 'vocal artist'... And I say vocal artist because some people are more than just singers... We'll discuss who's an actual 'vocal artist' on a later post... I'm sure there will be some debate. lol.

So what about you? What Disney movie impacted you the most?


Nikki said...

Beauty and the Beast was my favortie as a kid. I watched it any time I was home sick. I just loved the idea that they fell in love with the person, not the outer beauty. I know, cheesy...but it's still my favorite.

J-Bird said...

Sleeping Beauty changed my life. Can you believe that, despite all her circumstances, true love still managed to find her in the middle of the forest? And the songs are the best. Then there's Merriweather. You know what? I won't list all my favorite things, I'll just suffice it to say that if I could have a Platinum Wedding the theme would be Sleeping Beauty complete with singing birds and babbling brook. Just sayin'.

Mrs. G said...

I have 2, well 3. Both the Fantasias, I had never been exposed to classical music before and I remember being in first grade and watching it and being enthralled, I think I actually cried when the other kinds wouldn't shut up. I fell in love with the music and with the unique stories that went with them. The other one was probably Beauty and the Beast. I loved the message of beauty isn't only skin deep. Is it wrong that I totally liked him better as the beast? I know this is turning in to a novel but I want to give an honorable mention to Enchanted. I love her eternal optimisim, it is refreshing in our synical world.