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March 18, 2010

Thursdays are for

I was going to say chumps... But then I'd be a chump who is still on campus even though I'm done with finals.... Stupid job.

So Finals went well. So far 2 of my 4 grades are posted and I'm passing. Yay! Hopefully no retakes for me! (I think I'll be just fine)

So Today to celebrate, after I finish this post I'm going to do like 10000000 more so that I'll be posting every day again. Scheduled posts are my friend. (especially when I'm bored at work)

So today I'm thankful for:

  • Blogging friends. I love reading about other people's lives. There is something about knowing that they write what their thinking and that they love to read about what your thinking.

  • Dinner dates! Hubs refused to let us wallow in our apartment last night (and he had just gotten off of work so he wasn't really up for the Patty's day crowds) So we went to Carrabba's! YUM. we actually TALKED. it was awesome.... and so was the bottle of wine.

  • Sunny/not cold weather!!!! Yay for sweatshirt weather!!!!

  • Tennis shoes. Wearing sheepskin boots for three months was wearing on me... Plus my feet are singing my praises for their re-introduction to arch support.

  • A tech savvy husband. if he couldn't fix things like computers, Xboxes, and PlayStation's we'd be SOL and very bored.

  • Makeup brushes! I love getting new makeup brushes! (MK has this whole set that has a case and everything.... I'll show you on Monday)

  • Spring cleaning. I'm going to make myself get in the mood to do it.

  • Hubs having the weekend off. it's his first one off in 4 weeks. He's getting burnt out.

I think that's a good list for right now.

1 comment:

Brie said...

Dinner dates are awesome! Cleaning...not so much, hehe :)