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March 4, 2010

I Have Come to Realize

I talk too much.

I talk to much and I don't really have that much to say...

And while I think I'm effin' HI-larious.... Other's just think I'm absurd.

So therefore, due to a good friend of mine revamping her blogging style, I'm going to be more like me. Less like other people. So there. Take that.

Now I'm going to blog E.P. style. Deal with it. (Hubs calls me E.P. all the time.)

I'm a paradox of contradictions. I can't help that. So to introduce the new me I'm going to start by saying....

I am one of the most unconsciously sarcastic people you will ever know/read.

(I LOVE COMMENTS. I'll comment to you if you comment to me.... So bring it on!)

P.S. so I act like a total ditz in Racquetball so that my teacher will think I'm just really bad... So when I was actually trying to get one of the serves right and mentioned to a class friend that I was determined to get it right and that all that it was going to take is muscle memory..... she laughed at me.

yeah. I was kinda offended. Then she called me absurd.... hence the comment above...

and today I decided that I don't care.

P.P.S..... Jake and I are getting cable today!
And since we both worked today my sweet AWESOME Papa is going to our house to tell the guy whats what. He's the sweetest!

Yay for another thing to distract me from school work..... Oh, wait..... (damn it)

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