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March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU, Big Sis!!!

I may be a day late.... But I'll always be your sister.

Dear Cryssi,

Yesterday was your birthday. You work so hard that you delayed the celebration to today just so you could go and teach dance class. I think your crazy, but that's just me. I hope that your birthday was a stress free day and that not many people asked you how old you were. (Not that your old... it's just rude!) I hope that your dancers were sweet and well behaved. I hope that your hubs was extra nice. I hope that you had no other trouble through out the day other than having me call you to make sure it was you Jake saw driving down 12th ave in the middle of the day. (I didn't believe him even though you told me you had to leave early to get your new license.)

I hope that this following year brings you so much happiness and success that your bursting at the seams. I hope that this next year brings you the kind of busy body work you enjoy and just can't get enough of. I hope that this next year gives you the time and financial success to pursue your dreams full force. These things may not come right away. But they are things that I pray for you.

I hope that you will continue to grow as the beautiful, charming woman that you are. I hope that you continue to share your passions with others, infecting them one by one. I hope that you will continue to try to make me that little niece or nephew that you want so badly. :) I hope that you will continue to share your dreams with me so that together we can work to achieve them.... (That dance studio will come. We just have to get everything sorted out.) I hope that you will continue to be yourself, no matter how many times I tell you to not be so frank with people....

Never lose yourself. continue to read your books, teach your dance, and boss everyone around.... It's not our fault we sometimes need a little kick in the pants... and you're just the one to provide it.

Last but not least... Don't lose hope. Your perfect life will come. Things now are temporary and soon you will be living life on your terms. Your hubs will get through law school. You will get your dream house. You'll have the brood of children running around with he dog, cats and white picket fence. I know this because I know you... And you don't settle. And that's a good thing.

I love you Big Sis. Your the best big sister ever.

Happy Birthday!

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