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March 9, 2010


So school is almost over for the quarter. I'm psyched! I only have 1 paper to write, 2 presentations and 1 final.
School has been my life recently.

Some history:

I graduated from HS in 2005. I hated HS and the drama that was involved. I didn't love the teachers because of their favoritism.
I went to Columbus State Community College and experienced the extension of HS. Minus the drama. It was great. The classes were easy. They were interesting. I could do as little or as much as I wanted. I dabbled in extra history classes, ballet, tap, yoga. Tuition was cheap and the classes tickled my fancy (dirty). But I did really well.
Then in an effort to get a degree from someplace that would 'mean something to some people' I transferred to OSU. Due to 75% off tuition (my parents work there too) it was even cheaper to go to OSU. But.... The classes were less focused. I felt like less of a person because I was another number to get through the class. Just another student to put through with a C because I could tell how much they hated what they did.... And their hatred for their daily interaction with students made me not want to participate in class.... It makes me still not want to participate in class....

And now.... 40 credit hours away from graduating (because of all my detours along the way) I am dreading the next 2-3 quarters. I'm being taught by graduate students who are more concerned with their own school work than interacting with the students in their classes. I haven't had an actual faculty member teach my class in 2 quarters... It's a concern that I have.

I'm going to graduate. I'm determined for the benefit of my husband. I will take care of him while he is in med school so that he can take care of me when he's a doctor... :) greedy? yeah. But I'm willing to do it.
Who knows. Maybe I'll become a personal trainer (take the test and everything). It's appealing right now. Plus they charge almost $30 an hour. Nice.

So that's my view on school. I'm a true vocational student. Just trying to get the damn degree so I can just get out there already.

What kind of student are/were you?

Choices based off of a 1960s psychological study of undergrad students:

  • Vocational: worked through school to attain a degree. Usually a commuter.
  • Collegiate: A part of the Greek society/life. Regularly attended sporting events. More interested in partying than school work.
  • Academic: honors student who cared more about their grades. Studying was the main objective. Interested in continuing their education.
  • Rebel: Going to college for the experience. More likely to become involved in classes that you were/are interested in.... All while doing minimal work, or not even going to others.


Brie said...

My sister is currently going to Columbus State and she loves it.

It just sucks that you hate school so much, but I definitely felt the same way my senior year (I was also experiencing regret for going to a private school that I didn't even like that much). I don't think I really fit into any of those categories though. My fiance went to OSU and loved it but I think it was more because he fell into the collegiate category (his dad also works there so that had a lot to do with it too)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

That's a bummer your OSU experience has been so bad. I was lucky to be in a very small program where it almost felt like highschool. I was with the same 30 students, in the same building with the same faculty for 3 of my 4 years there. I was actually excited when I got to take a general ed class because it made me feel like a "real" OSU student. Haha. Funny how 2 people can have such different expereiences at the same place.

Brittany said...

Best of luck at OSU! My hubs works there too!