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March 31, 2010

What Disney movie changed your life?

That's my random question of the day. And don't tell me none because there are gazillions of Disney movies and each one has something else to bring to the table.

My answer has to be Fantasia (both original and 2000)!!!!!

There are many little story lines for those of us who have trouble focusing. There are Hippos in tutu's and prancing Pegasus'. There are flying whales and a lonesome jazz artist.

Plus the music is AMAZING. I wish I had the ability to put a story to a song like that.

I think that movie is the reason I can listen to classical and appreciate it as much as the soulful words from a true 'vocal artist'... And I say vocal artist because some people are more than just singers... We'll discuss who's an actual 'vocal artist' on a later post... I'm sure there will be some debate. lol.

So what about you? What Disney movie impacted you the most?

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready Pro Style

Boys: There was a lot of Xbox going on....Girls: The girls were way more interesting. lol

On the move:

Awesome Kama!

March 29, 2010

Hello Childers

Well, I have been to NC and come home again to the excitement of my kiki and adorable hubs. Now I'll actually work on this blogging thing.

Starting tomorrow.

Procrastination is a bitch, but I gotta at least get a day ahead. lol.

p.s. I missed you all..... I really gotta invest in a lap top.

March 22, 2010

March 20th Was Supposed to be WHAT?!

So much to my surprise the past week has been filled with people reminding me that my original wedding date was coming up.

A call from the Big Sis, a reminder from SIL, a examining eye from the MIL... and much relief felt from hubs and myself.

I can't even imagine what life would have been like for the past 4 months if we hadn't changed our date. Crowded... Big sis and her hubs B would have been S.O.L and not impressed. I probably would have not done as well as i did in class... Which isn't saying much.

I am SO thankful that things have gone the way that they have.

So to commemorate the non-event... I'll start from this week on doing wedding Wednesdays. they'll be short and sweet and picture filled. I'm not going to put every picture up.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend.

March 21, 2010


This is what I do at work and during classes....
I highlight the hell out of my planner....It's so much fun color-coding my life.

March 19, 2010

I HAVE to Tell You

About this REALLY good book I read.

It's called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. My MIL and SIL have been raving about it to me for, probably, the past 2 years. It's based in the 1800's in California during the gold rush. So 1840's? (did you know that I'm addicted to period books.... I love a good page and a half describing the architecture, CLOTHES, and hairstyles....)

It's about this woman who gets sold into prostitution when she was a little girl in New York. When she's about 16 she runs away to California determined to start a new.... Only to get caught up again in the only world she has ever known.

As a beautiful girl in the man dominated gold panning towns in Cali she passes by a farmer who is compelled to marry her, despite her past.

There are so many trials and tribulations that go with this book but it is AMAZING. One of the best I've read in a while. I give it 2 thumbs WAY way up. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

My Crazy Hair

For the second day in a row my hair has parted itself obnoxiously.

yesterday I just let it do it's thing. This is what came of it...

Today it did the same thing but on the other side.... I might stop blow drying my hair upside down and just letting things fall as they choose.....

March 18, 2010

Thursdays are for

I was going to say chumps... But then I'd be a chump who is still on campus even though I'm done with finals.... Stupid job.

So Finals went well. So far 2 of my 4 grades are posted and I'm passing. Yay! Hopefully no retakes for me! (I think I'll be just fine)

So Today to celebrate, after I finish this post I'm going to do like 10000000 more so that I'll be posting every day again. Scheduled posts are my friend. (especially when I'm bored at work)

So today I'm thankful for:

  • Blogging friends. I love reading about other people's lives. There is something about knowing that they write what their thinking and that they love to read about what your thinking.

  • Dinner dates! Hubs refused to let us wallow in our apartment last night (and he had just gotten off of work so he wasn't really up for the Patty's day crowds) So we went to Carrabba's! YUM. we actually TALKED. it was awesome.... and so was the bottle of wine.

  • Sunny/not cold weather!!!! Yay for sweatshirt weather!!!!

  • Tennis shoes. Wearing sheepskin boots for three months was wearing on me... Plus my feet are singing my praises for their re-introduction to arch support.

  • A tech savvy husband. if he couldn't fix things like computers, Xboxes, and PlayStation's we'd be SOL and very bored.

  • Makeup brushes! I love getting new makeup brushes! (MK has this whole set that has a case and everything.... I'll show you on Monday)

  • Spring cleaning. I'm going to make myself get in the mood to do it.

  • Hubs having the weekend off. it's his first one off in 4 weeks. He's getting burnt out.

I think that's a good list for right now.

March 15, 2010

I Love You All....

But it's finial's week.

I'm doing pretty OK, but I'm not up for actual blogging.

BUT I did get my wedding CD back..... FINALLY.

So I'll get on the ball for Wednesday. (that's when all my finals are done)

Pray for me please? And my brain too?

OH. Jake has to do 4 weeks of physical therapy for his torn shoulder. After that we'll find out if he is going to need surgery. Yikes!

March 11, 2010

My Obsession

I'm too a.d.d to post something for real right now.

So therefore....

Reasoning for not posting yesterday... inability to finish draft of post detailing my MIL having my pictures... We're going to figure all that out soon.

Today. You get thankful Thursday... and that's it.

Today I'm thankful for:

  • HUBS! He's so sweet.
  • Grocery shopping.... now it doesn't just look like we live at our apt. we eat there also
  • Family... The best.
  • Sunglasses! yeah I've worn mine twice this week!!!!
  • SUNSHINE! Yay Spring!
  • pups that have cones on them. I think it's hilarious. poor Torie-bell
  • heels that feel better than brand new flats. You've saved my life.
  • Mascara
  • Good acting.... looks like the twilight cast is movin' on up!

March 9, 2010


So school is almost over for the quarter. I'm psyched! I only have 1 paper to write, 2 presentations and 1 final.
School has been my life recently.

Some history:

I graduated from HS in 2005. I hated HS and the drama that was involved. I didn't love the teachers because of their favoritism.
I went to Columbus State Community College and experienced the extension of HS. Minus the drama. It was great. The classes were easy. They were interesting. I could do as little or as much as I wanted. I dabbled in extra history classes, ballet, tap, yoga. Tuition was cheap and the classes tickled my fancy (dirty). But I did really well.
Then in an effort to get a degree from someplace that would 'mean something to some people' I transferred to OSU. Due to 75% off tuition (my parents work there too) it was even cheaper to go to OSU. But.... The classes were less focused. I felt like less of a person because I was another number to get through the class. Just another student to put through with a C because I could tell how much they hated what they did.... And their hatred for their daily interaction with students made me not want to participate in class.... It makes me still not want to participate in class....

And now.... 40 credit hours away from graduating (because of all my detours along the way) I am dreading the next 2-3 quarters. I'm being taught by graduate students who are more concerned with their own school work than interacting with the students in their classes. I haven't had an actual faculty member teach my class in 2 quarters... It's a concern that I have.

I'm going to graduate. I'm determined for the benefit of my husband. I will take care of him while he is in med school so that he can take care of me when he's a doctor... :) greedy? yeah. But I'm willing to do it.
Who knows. Maybe I'll become a personal trainer (take the test and everything). It's appealing right now. Plus they charge almost $30 an hour. Nice.

So that's my view on school. I'm a true vocational student. Just trying to get the damn degree so I can just get out there already.

What kind of student are/were you?

Choices based off of a 1960s psychological study of undergrad students:

  • Vocational: worked through school to attain a degree. Usually a commuter.
  • Collegiate: A part of the Greek society/life. Regularly attended sporting events. More interested in partying than school work.
  • Academic: honors student who cared more about their grades. Studying was the main objective. Interested in continuing their education.
  • Rebel: Going to college for the experience. More likely to become involved in classes that you were/are interested in.... All while doing minimal work, or not even going to others.

March 8, 2010

I Forgot/Something New

OK so I forgot about a Monday review of something MK... It's not because I've run out of things that I actually use that I love. It's because I had to write a paper....Again... And I waited till the last moment....


So today I'm giving you a free pass.

Instead I'll let you in on something that has been going on for quite some time.

Jake and I are.....

Catching up on 'The Office' so we can be true fans of the show!

YEAH! That's right we are trying to be officers.... Office watchers. I don't know what they're called but we're one of them now. We are no officially 2 episodes away from being 'in season' and then we only have 8 to watch before it's "The Delivery"!!!!!
We are beyond excited!
We adore the show.

What's you fav. show?